Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Husband


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this skank has been all over Richmond Hill and beyond – taking people’s men and women, old and young! She has no shame! She has been witnessed making out with old ladies (I’m talking 50 years old or above) in public, and basically sleeping with any person she can find. She’ll post statuses about “strippers doing something better than hoes doing it for free” and “being horny”. She won’t apologize for her actions, even though married women have even complained about her. She doesn’t care if she goes after your man, then your sister’s! I honestly don’t get why this girl is so popular. She is an arrogant whore, and she doesn’t have any morals or sense of empathy. You can tell by her pictures and statuses that she has such a high opinion of herself. Jessica needs to be exposed! What do you think?

I think this horse loves winter, for the hats.- nik

Anne Chatel- future Lorena Bobbitt


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It all started years ago when this hoe from Quebec moved to Barrie. She got with this guy and her real colours started to show. To start of her loonie tune tale, she has mental stability issues. The girl craves attention and when she doesn’t get it she will: rip out her own hair extensions, beat her boyfriend, or get herself locked up for the bf’s safety. She gets around so much her lady bits are a toxic wasteland. She cheats on her boyfriend and gets her and his friends to cover for her. At one point she thought started to drink her own koolaid and had to be removed by the police from my bff’s boyfriends house because he didn’t want her in his life or near him and she broke in repeatedly. It’s gotten to the point that a no contact order is being put in place. She has everyone that shares her low iq convinced her boyfriend beats her, meanwhile, loony tunes has been arrested and removed for his bathroom after attackin him and trying to rip off his dick. Be warned Barrie and Montreal! This girl needs to seek help before her next victim loses his dick due to the std ridden vag, or she may actually succeed in castrating the poor guy.

The Real Tyler


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I keep seeing everyone post this girl on here and so much what they’re saying is lies. I know Tyler from working with her in the club and she’s far from ugly. Maybe they didn’t capture the best shots of her and she went over board with the spray tan but she’s a really pretty, actually really nice girl. She has a real strong personality and a lot of people do hate her but I don’t and figured I’d clear things up on here since everyone seems to be telling lies. Her kids aren’t in foster care. She’s not 34. Her glasses are real. Her ass is really big for going flat. She has a really nice smile actually, I don’t know why she doesn’t show it. Her teeth are pretty much perfect. I’ve never heard of a pump or anyone else beating her ass in a club. I just wish people would speak facts instead of spreading vicious lies all the time.

I’m pretty sure foster care means she lost her kids.- nik

Beware Of Freshta Azizi


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this woman is a disgrace to all Afghans.  She is a bad muslim, and does drugs.  Where does her family think she’s going?  She thinks she’s better than everyone else since she went to University of Toronto.  But I know the truth.  She is a lying bitch and a thief.  She stole from my family, her own family, and her work. Don’t trust her. She has an innocent fake life, but her real life reveals her evil and mean nature. Her family is embarrassed by her and did not tell us that Freshta Azizi does drugs and sells herself to men. Was she really a virgin before marriage? I think not. She likes it that her husband is uneducated and thinks that she is smarter than him. Nobody should believe her and they need to watch their money around her since she loves drugs.

I thought that was a happy trail at first, but I’m wrong — it’s a fat dent.- nik

Joyti dirty Curry


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just when you thought you’ve herd it all and seen it all! There goes Bollywood dirtiest princess! Joyti aka “Joe t”. . She started off in her early twenties sleeping with any young “habesh”niggas from east Africa. Graduated from blow Job boot camp in Scarborough, sleeping around with four different guys in the same circle. This ratchet wanna be Indians turned down garbage bag is the realist shady hoe out there, who is willing to do anything to be around black guys; it’s sad to know that there are the Indian communities activist who are aware of who she is and has been labeled her as an expired chewing tobacco, that should just be burnt rather that consumed. This bitch is so low she had to suck off a shoeless manager in the bathroom to keep her job. She wears fake ass pads trying to look like a black chick, fail ! Toronto! This hoe think she’s been around the world just because she f’ed people from every nation at the UN assembly with out leave down town Toronto. Let’s not forget the gang bang in the back of my car all three of my friend passed her around like a back wood blunt jeeeeeeeeez ! Man and women pleas stay away from this nasty ass low life dirt bag of the universe, unless you wanna catch the drd then by all means go ahead. There you have it Toronto one for the books. Peace !!!

Karlise Kerry won’t be winning mother of the year


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I used to hang out with this filthy pig named Karlise Kerry. She’s a very poor excuse of a mother and she deserves to be called out. My friend used to date her baby daddy….. Tim. He had full custody because Karlise was only aloud supervised visits. He was almost as bad as her. He would neglect the poor kid for hours and sit on his computer playing world of war craft. That’s right, he’s one of those losers! Well Karlise was a stripper since age 18 completely addicted to Oxy cotton and other pills. That’s why children’s aid forced her onto methadone and only allowed her the supervised visits. She is now dating one of our towns well known dope dealers. I’m sure she is only sticking around for the nose powder. Her poor son has no REAL parents AND IT BREAKS MY HEART. Nik, Please expose Tim and mostly Karlise Kerry for the parents they really are.

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