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Joyti dirty Curry


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just when you thought you’ve herd it all and seen it all! There goes Bollywood dirtiest princess! Joyti aka “Joe t”. . She started off in her early twenties sleeping with any young “habesh”niggas from east Africa. Graduated from blow Job boot camp in Scarborough, sleeping around with four different guys in the same circle. This ratchet wanna be Indians turned down garbage bag is the realist shady hoe out there, who is willing to do anything to be around black guys; it’s sad to know that there are the Indian communities activist who are aware of who she is and has been labeled her as an expired chewing tobacco, that should just be burnt rather that consumed. This bitch is so low she had to suck off a shoeless manager in the bathroom to keep her job. She wears fake ass pads trying to look like a black chick, fail ! Toronto! This hoe think she’s been around the world just because she f’ed people from every nation at the UN assembly with out leave down town Toronto. Let’s not forget the gang bang in the back of my car all three of my friend passed her around like a back wood blunt jeeeeeeeeez ! Man and women pleas stay away from this nasty ass low life dirt bag of the universe, unless you wanna catch the drd then by all means go ahead. There you have it Toronto one for the books. Peace !!!

Karlise Kerry won’t be winning mother of the year


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I used to hang out with this filthy pig named Karlise Kerry. She’s a very poor excuse of a mother and she deserves to be called out. My friend used to date her baby daddy….. Tim. He had full custody because Karlise was only aloud supervised visits. He was almost as bad as her. He would neglect the poor kid for hours and sit on his computer playing world of war craft. That’s right, he’s one of those losers! Well Karlise was a stripper since age 18 completely addicted to Oxy cotton and other pills. That’s why children’s aid forced her onto methadone and only allowed her the supervised visits. She is now dating one of our towns well known dope dealers. I’m sure she is only sticking around for the nose powder. Her poor son has no REAL parents AND IT BREAKS MY HEART. Nik, Please expose Tim and mostly Karlise Kerry for the parents they really are.

Sandra Reed is a Dirty Teacher


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am putting her name out there because this b**ch has no morals, no conscience, and is a filthy tramp. Look how she dresses to teach at school! She kept my kid after school without justification and did so only to flirt with my husband. She has flirted with the father of many other of her students, and my poor kid was crying because Sandra Reed had given her such a hard time and verbally abused her. My daughter tells me that Sandra Reed discusses her sexual and private life with little kids, such as admitting that her boyfriend took many showers and that they enjoyed sweaty sex after he played hockey. I believe kids should have a right to keep mobile devices on during class in case they are abused by their teachers/peers. Obviously they should focus on their studies, but who can do so with a woman like Sandra Reed? Toronto sure knows how to hire ’em. I moved here from the prairies where people had dignity. Do not flirt with my husband or anybody else’s husband again, Sandra Reed. You have been warned, stop abusing kids and misusing your position as teacher in order to flirt with fathers! You’re ugly and should be ashamed of yourself.

Sachin Mahajan is a serial philanderer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sachin Mahajan in Toronto who works at Telus is a serial cheater who has been unfaithful to his wife even before they get married. Sachin Mahajan is married and has a child yet he still continues to engage in sexual intimacy with his female co-workers (more like subordinates) in exchange for incentives such as raise in salary, bonuses, company perks, time off, etc. Sachin Mahajan also frequents strip bars and indulges escorts on a routine basis and I hear he he is an awful tipper when it comes to sexual services. Nik, it’s about time you put this unsavory scoundrel Sachin Mahajan on full blast!!!

Victoria Bella Morte Needs A Reality Check


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Victoria hasn’t been on here nearly enough so here’s a pathetically photoshopped photo of hers with her scraggly, dirty weave (that she blurs to make look longer), shoes that are a size or so too large for her feet, and a photo of the tattoo of herself that on her leg. That’s right, she has a tattoo of her own goddamn face on her own goddamn leg. I’d also like to bring up that she used to tattoos out of the back of a hair salon and I know multiple people who have had to have tattoos done by her either fixed by artists who are actually talented and professional, or just covered up. Much of her tattoo work is photoshopped by her prior to posting the “finished product” online for her followers to see. So sick of seeing people paying to have their bodies ruined by her so let’s get this out in the open, shall we?

The hair tattoo is creative.- nik



Mommy By Day, Play-4-Pay By Night


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Amanda didn’t get the reality check that she is a dirty and disgusting! She is on drugs… she was removed from the strip club I work at because she was caught sleeping with guys and was fired for escorting there.  She literally has no problem posting her “working” on IG.  Poor girl is so lost.

We can tell you get food.- nik 




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