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What you’d call scum


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of shit BOY is a women beating little f**. 1st off, he beat the hell out of his girlfriend Tiffany in Brooks alberta when she was PREGNANT with his child, made her loose the baby and then move to Truro Nova Scotia. He then met me, tried SMOTHERING ME infront of my child while we were CAMPING with his family, he then beat the f out of me in June… To all you baby mama’s who are single, stay away from this piece of sh*t. He will steal your child tax, he will hit your children, he will beat you. His mother will then tell you it’s all your fault and even a year later, he will still stalk the f** out of you. OH and his name is Devon Baird.

Matt Spence


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this MATT SPEN,CE is a Compulsive Theif, Liar, Abusive, sadistic Lame Ass SnakeGarbage Can Drug Addict, whose tails longer then his lying doped mouth. He had the nicest mom evr, but choose to spend her last days with his drug buddies. See if the’re round ya to catch you when you fall you are the most hatefull self serving trash I ever knew of and so happy your outta my world. Stop spreading your disease, and selling wrong drugs in your supposed dilaudid caps bud

Michel Mushroom Murphy


THE DIRTY ARMY: So, let’s just preface this by saying, this dude is shady as shit. Everyone is tired of your “poor me, no one wants to date me”… Stop sending girls dick pics, perving around POF, bragging about screwing them and maybe actually get to know them!

Drug Dealer Chaser

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here NIK is Nicole Turple she has a loveing bofriend that would do any thing in the world for her but she dont care shes out chaseing drug dealers around while her boyfriend sits at home wateing for her to come home and when she does she leaves again she has no job no income so she gets money from drug dealers god only knows what she does for it

Shelby Horn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, SHELBY HORN right here. Sluttiest chick in the town of Truro. Use to own the trap house, partied every night? Plus she’s a fcking drug addict. This bitch had little boys paying her for dirty shit. She’s so fuking gross. She cries and accuses bitches of fucking her boyfriend, but she fcks every guys on the block! Really the nastiest thing ever, she’s so greasy and she never showers. Every night I’d go check out her parties and she would still have the exact same clothes on and her hair hasn’t been washed in months. Just another crack whore!

Emily Pieri – Boyfriend Stealer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik, this bitch is fcking dirty. Don’t let her ugly ass pictures fool you she is much uglier and dirtier in person. This ugly fool is known around truro for attempting to desperately steal men from their girlfriends because she is so ugly herself no man wants to even attempt to be with her when there not in a relationship. She will try and be friends with you only to be closer to your boyfriend. Then when she sees there is trouble in the relationship she will pounce like a dog and say and do anything to make herself look great (but she’s ugly as fuck) and basically tell the man anything he wants to hear because she is so pathetic and ugly she can’t get a man on her own without playing the sympathy card. This bitch lost 50 pounds and thinks she’s a fucking supermodel when in reality she’s a fucking dirty, lying hoebag. I’m not the only one who experienced her trying to steal my man. Many women around truro have dealt with this fugly bitch. If you see her around don’t trust her especially if you got a boyfriend because she will sadly attempt to sabotage the relationship. Like I said she’s so gross she can’t even get a man on her own. She likes to act like the “cool” girl so any guy will give her. I feel bad for her she can only get men by being the pathetic lap dog. Ugly bitch.

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