Seana Marie straight trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty bi**h gave me drd and was f’ing me and two other men and sending dirty photos to all my boys. She has no respect for her self. And jumps man to man. Then follows you through social media and shows up at your job when you ignore her. She’s 22 and has f’ed over 30 men. 3 guys in one month. Men stay clear unless you want herps on your dick for life. Don’t let her big booty fool you.

Andrew Tishkevich Bar Rat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I just wanted to warn other girls in the Tucson area from this scum. I met Andrew Tishkevich at a bar in downtown and after a short chat and some drinks he seemed like a nice guy so I gave him my number. we actually dated for a few weeks and he promised me heis clean before I realized he gave me a drd after I went to get tesed. when I confronted him about it he just denied everything and blame it on me!! this piece of $I#t just ruined my life, I hope karma will get him back since he is already tainted

Too good for you


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this neuratic witch needs to be exposed. Her name is Heather Noelle Diehl. Ladies look out for this one she’s responsible for 3 breakups in Tucson, has been engaged 4 times no joke this ratchet has a collection of rings, but as soon as men get a wiff of her raggedy, stanky camel toe they run! She pretends to be this innocent Christian girl who wouldn’t kill a fly but truth is she’s the devil. When it cimes to judging and putting people down shes the best at ir since shes so “perfect” Heather is nothing but a stuck up HOMOPHOBIC lying whore who thinks shes too good for anyone. Guys don’t fall for her! considering she’s f’ed half of Tucson I’d stay away, God knows when she last got checked was. Guess that’s why she moved to Orlando fresh start right? Ha one less hoe in Tucson

Pill Popping Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here Jamie Nultemeier is a on again off again pill addict. To each their own but she has to steal from people for her addiction. Shes been in rehab god knows how many times. Also she can’t even keep a job for more than 2 months to sustain her pill popping habits. Her entire family is a bunch of addicts to something, her mother is an alcoholic, fathers a her**n addict so it runs in the poor girls family. Shes a relationship hopper too, she doesnt know how to be single and alone. She puts on such a great “good girl” act but shes not. She’s not cute whatsoever like she thinks and says she is and i guess she doesnt brush her teeth much becase they are yellow, ive seen it in person. All around bad news, lazy, drug addict, and a user. Stay away from her!

Trashy EX-Stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Brandy Aragon. Where to start with this one.Queen of photoshop on ALL her photos. I will say she looks good from far away but the closer you get the worse she looks. Her teeth are disgusting and she has terrible skin. Shes been a stripper since she was, well probably a minor. She has always lived off of and with other people. shes just trash in general, I made the mistake of sleeping with her and couldnt even go down on her because her business smelled so bad. Shes a sloppy nasty drunk and she has tried pretty much every drug out there. Her latest conquer a poor bastard that she got pregnant from and now she has him stuck and uses their daughter to keep him around, as soon as they break up (like every other week) she keeps their daughter from him. I dont believe she has ever had a real job for longer than a month really. Her AND her sister AUTUM are THE SAME. Stay away from these sluts! P.S you could probably fin her naked ass on craigslist looking for a lay while her man is at work!

Blur fail.- nik

Meanwhile, In a South Tucson Trailer Park


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Yanella Romero, AKA Yaya Monroe. Another South Tucson Slore who thinks she’s special. Still Lives in her Mommy and Daddy’s Trailer, claims to be a priceless woman. Her Hubby recently left her again, maybe he finally realized she really was cheating on him while he was in jail, maybe he got tired of her ignorant rants and bipolar tendancies. Whatever the reason, finding an upgrade should be easy, even for a broke ass typical Tucson rapper like him. She even lies and says she did five plus years when it was really only 3.5, before parole. She is a perfect example of what South Tucson has to offer, and yes, all these pictures are of the same Hoe, Check the ghetto neck tattoo!! You ain’t nothin but a lying little girl, still living with Daddy, still having a curfew, living through your FB front! Acting all hard, acting like you’re some kind of hustler, but yet you have no car, no job, no house, no hustle, nada! You make me laugh!!! Your friends hate you, your “hubby” leaves you every two weeks, and if someone else does tolerate you, it’s because you’re giving it up! Please stop polluting your brother’s kids, his poor babies don’t deserve that! Your ghetto stank is gonna rub off on them! Hoe!!

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