Addicted and Abusive


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, women!  Run the other way if you ever meet this loser “Aaron Milton” he beats women and is addicted to meth and steals often.  Meets women on different online dating sites such as POF, Tinder, Zoosk, etc.  He manipulates women and he takes their money or anything he can get out of them.  He has assualted a few of his girlfriends and is going down on gun charges so watch out , he is dangerous!

Open Letter to the The Dirty Fans From Sasha Toth


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, for everyone who comments about me, mentioning my name, making up stories about me. You should be embarrassed for yourself. I know the truth, while many others might not, that you are a group of people from Okanagan confessions who post obscene offensive comments about people in our community online. As a mother and someone who had an issue with the group posting hateful comments towards women and mothers on their site, or cyber bullying people. I took on the group which had 10,000 people following it and decided to try to shut down the group myself, it occurred 2 times. The people who follow that group post things that are hateful towards women in feneral, and racist and discriminatory remarks. As a mother I do not stand for such behavior from adulet’s who wish harm to the people in our community. I was attacted for commenting publicly that women who choose elective cesarean are going to get bad karma as they are intentionally risking their health and their babies health for an unnecessary procedure. I then posted I delivered 4 babies without cesarean including twins, and then was banned for defending my stance that elective cesarean is dangerous for baby and mom. This is when the Internet became aware of my existence, due to my comments promoting natural childbirth on Okanagan confessions. These losers from that group continue to harrass me online FOR those comments.

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Sasha Toth Blames Nik Richie For Her Lifestyle


Email to Nik Richie: How could you forget the 500 comments saying I don’t deserve a second chance at life. That even though I wasn’t an escort, was at home caring for my baby collecting welfare, I didn’t get child support. I managed to live on 945$ a month and my rent was 700$ I had to breastfeed because I had no choice, I couldn’t afford formula.

The last day I worked as an escort was July 17, 2013 and that was the night I got pregnant, I went back to school for 2 more terms, did great, then had my baby April 2014.

I had my own place, supported myself, my parents gave me money when I needed it for food, I took care of my baby and saw my other kids 3 times a week.

That was before you posted “please grant my Christmas wish” when that went up. Everyone posted that I don’t deserve a second chance at life, because I was a hooker before, everyone should know I was! my secret was out, everyone found out I was an escort AFTER I HAD BEEN OUT OF THE INDUSTRY FOR YEARS.

The people posting comments on your site posted that I was a c** guzzling hooker with diseases even though I wasn’t, I was at home taking care of my baby. Trying to build a future for myself and taking care of my family.

I had no interest in men or dating ever again, I told anyone that would listen that I was celibate. Waiting for marriage.

I told a man named Mike Hannah about my past, I never met him but we connected through a Facebook group and he became obsessed with me. I told him how I was celibate and a few weeks later about my past. He posted it to a Facebook group to see because he didn’t like how I wasn’t interested in him. All I cared about was my baby and taking care of her.

That strange man told my community about my past, he knew I was celibate, and then him and his friends proceeded to sexually harrass me and posted on a public forum they wanted to rape and f*** me and that I needed to get laid, I hadn’t had sex in 2 years, it was true, I wasn’t an escort, that was true. I was just a mom caring for her baby at home, with no social life turning to the Internet to make a friend. It backfired and my past as an escort was revealed.

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Beware Of Alexis Tan, She Is Underage


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, beware Vancouver photographers, club owners and men; this fake model pretends to be 21 and frequents Republic with her underage friends. She is indeed 16 years old and is enrolled in your neighborhood highschool. Don’t allow little girls who want to pretend their older for attention jeopardize your license and rep. I am not jealous or have any malice toward this girl, I am just warning people due to the fact that she was recently exposed by a person who knew her that she was lying to photographers saying she was 21 so she could do boudoir photo shoots. She is a minor and it is illegal to possess provocative photos and post them to your websites and it is illegal for a 16 year old and her friends to be drinking underage and even being on the property of a night club. That being said she is breaking the law for impersonation. When will girls learn that cyberspace is not real? Sorry girl you shouldn’t post revealing photos of yourself when you haven’t even graduated high school… Makes me sad that girls don’t respect their bodies. Where’s her mother and why is she allowing her daughter to do these things. She could be putting herself in danger, making herself vulnerable to older men through social media and when clubbing and intoxicated.

Jermaine run for your life!- nik

My Fiancé is a Lying, Cheating Scumbag


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Conrad Clark proposed to me in March. We’ve been living together downtown ever since. I just found out that he has been lying and cheating on me for the past 8 months. His ex girlfriend was in the dark about the fact that Conrad and I were planning a wedding, she recently found out and thought I should know the TRUTH about the scumbag. HE F*CKED HER IN FEBRUARY and got her PREGNANT… Now of course I didn’t believe her at first, so I asked for proof. Not only did she have an email for March when she received the abortion, from a counsellor doing a follow up, but she also had emails she had sent months ago about this abortion which I never knew about. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t even help her through this. As I found this out and realized this woman had no reason to lie, because things had ended with them, I checked through his iPad and found a dozen other women he was talking dirty too. Some even called me and talked over the phone to let me know the truth. WOMEN STICK TOGETHER. Seriously beware of Conrad Clark, he is also known to be abusive to woman, although myself personally have only had emotional abuse. Please beware he is the best manipulator that I’ve ever known.

Sounds like a typical dude from VanDirty.- nik

Vancouver’s Fakest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,meet Nicolle Hodges (yes, correct spelling of her name) a dirrty Abbotsford brat masquerading as a Vancouver ‘socialite’. She writes for free for a lame website and works for 10$ an hour every 3 weeks at a local TV station and makes it seem like she some big shot on instagram. Look Nicolle, you’re not fooling anyone. You’re still that little bratty Abbbotsford b*tch who hasn’t grown up. She also wrote an extremely long whine-fest article about her backpacking trip to Europe last year which was universally panned – for a reason! Take it as advice, grow up and stop acting like a whiny self-entitled princess. The real world is giving back to you exactly what you’re putting out.

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