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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please go ahead and put this fat bald dude on a blast since all he does at work is sit on his book ass and go on Tinder or Pof to troll for ugly ass looking girls .Hes a closet freak who has a thing for trannies since he’s dated a lot of those questionable girls who look like men with big ugly noses. Andrew Magnusson has a kid but he’ll hide this from all the girls like who puts on their Pof profile “prefer not to say” if you have a kid? This guy sleeps around with multiple girls without a condom just like he lets the boss do him in the ass.So to all the girls unless your looking to catch drd from him cus this guy has drd on his face to his legs I suggest you just run like Forrest Gump and don’t look back! Andrew keep giving the boss a blow job in the office cus that’s what’s paying the rent.peace out.

Outfitted by Walmart.- nik

Sad Preggo Case


THE DIRTY ARY: Nik, this is sophi Louis one of the shadyist you will meet this girl not only will try and sleep with your man she will try her best to mess up your relation ship. She hangs downtown on Hastings drinking with her fall down baby daddy well she is pregnant. She showed up to a big family dinner pissed drunk well pregnant right in front of her other daughter. She is a minipulative liar with FAS who causes major problems in people’s lives she beat up her own mom one night again drunk and pregnant for all you out there watch out for this greese ball.

Just Another Hockey Groupie


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, isn’t it crazy that girls in Canada go so nuts for hockey players.  This is Michelle Knowlan.  She used to date some hockey player but he left her because he realized she was dirty and she apparently went crazy.  Got kicked out of college because she partied too much and failed her classes.  I think she has a drinking problem because she is ALWAYS partying.  She’s a very promiscuous in the hockey community and I know every guy knows her. She can be found getting hammered downtown stalking her ex and getting mad at any girl who gets near him.

This chick could totally CHECK dudes into the boards.- nik

Gabby Schnitzer Is Not That Special


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, if you’re from Surrey or Vancouver you know this girl Gabby Schnitzer. She is famously known as the Surrey Eagles blow up doll because she has slept with the whole crappy hockey team. I think she has DRD but I wouldn’t know because I know better than to have sex with girl like this.  She accused people on the Surrey Eagles that they raped her, then continued to go to their team parties… I’ve never heard anything more pathetic.  Just for some attention!  Her Instagram is hilarious full of booty pics because she thinks she has a nice ass because she’s not skinny haha.

Gabby just a word of advice — always take pictures sideways, never straight on. We live in a Sponge Bob generation now… this is all I see when you square up.- nik

Raychel Rayne aka Natasha Belle


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know being a hooker or “escort” is pretty much the norm now in vandirty since the average rent to live in a closet downtown is 2000 but cant these sluts even be the least bit discrete about it if they dont want to honestly work for their money like the rest of us? I purchased my condo about five years ago in a quiet part of the westend of vancouver with my wife and things were great up until recently. There is a girl in the building that rents a suite on my floor that she prostitutes herself out of. She has Johns coming to buy her all hours of the day from morning to night. I work at home so all day I hear doors slamming and men moaning among other things. It is got so bad that I have made a complaint with the property manager. I see her once in a while in the hallway and she is clearly under the influence of something drugs or liquor. The most humorous part of all is that she claims she is a rehab specialist and fitness model but she clearly is on something and has no tone or body and a washed out face with a beak and f’ed up fangs for teeth. I went searching for her online to give proof to the property manager and she was so easy to find as she states all this bs in her ad and also shows her face and naked body all over online. She goes by many names such as Natasha Belle and Raychel Rayne her hoe site is [removed]m be careful johns she is a known hoe photos are photoshopped and its only about time.

Who is Elizabeth Jade


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, came across this girl on Instagram and wanted to see if anyone has any information about what she does for a living. She says she is a model but I doubt that is all she does. I seen a lot of pictures with her on vacations solo but who is taking the pictures? Porta Potty? She also loves to show off her fat ass and fake plus 2’s. I think she was on here before “chinless wonder” lol. Anyways just wanted to hear your thoughts and the dirty army as well.

She has an Isle of Man face.- nik

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