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Sydney Needs To Be Stopped


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Sydney Clarke. One of the biggest undercover sluts in Surrey/Vancouver. You can find her at the Roxy or the Pint close to black out drunk throwing up in the bathroom. seriously. every time I see her out she is throwing up and belligerent. it doesn’t help that she has low self esteem and has to post booty pics on Instagram and sleep with other girls boyfriends. be a slut all you want Sydney, just go for single guys. sad that being Instagram famous is the only thing girls have going for them these days. she tries so hard to be “different” and “hipster” she ends up looking ridiculous. you don’t need to try so hard Sydney. stop being so gross.

Her muffin top coverage is bunching up.- nik

Homeless Pedo Simon Adcock


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet this repulsive duo named Simon Adcock and his irrational mother Brenda Adcock. Together they are homeless, and live in a school bus in squalor and full of disease just to leech onto an abandoned lot for free rent. Simon is a deadbeat father of a little 5 year old girl whom he never sees because smoking and growing pot is more important to him. When he does visit her, he makes her play fully naked tickling games underneath a blanket, and can be caught stroking her genitals until it becomes sore. Currently, Simon is igniting a vengeful custody battle with his ex-girlfriend for visitation rights, despite the fact that he’s a psychotic homeless pedophile. He has yet to pay a single cent towards child support and uses the excuse that he’s too mentally retarded to avoid job searching. His mother, Brenda, is such a violent moron that she assaulted Simon’s ex-girlfriend so badly, she ended up with a black eye, swollen bleeding lips and a concussion. Not only that but according to her, she’s a firm believer in incest and thinks it’s perfectly normal to have sex with her son since they are both consenting adults. It’s about time that these two pathetic lowlifes be put on blast!

Does he wear a wig?- nik

John Volken Is A Cult Member


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t know of you have heard of Tom Cruises’ cult, but I think that the one this Vancouver multi-millionaire belongs to is far more perverse and dangerous. I will not name the actual cult since only members are aware of the name and understand what the cult is actually about. I don’t know how valid his claims are about being raised in an orphanage in Germany prior to moving to Vancouver as a teenage, but he claims the following:

“In 1998 he began searching for areas of social neglect where he could make a lasting difference. He met with many advocates of the disenfranchised community to seek direction. Many of those he met voiced the need for long-term, residential treatment and life-skills training for those struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. John then visited and studied numerous facilities in the United States and Europe that provided such services.”

I think this man is interested in gaining money for himself and his cult. I worry that he will unduly influence druggies and other vulnerable people (like the poor/alcoholics) and persuade them to join his weird cult. This guy claims that “after you feed your own family, begin to feed others.” I think Vancouver has yet to see this man or his cult feed families in need. The cult has false prophets and I would not be surprised if John Volken were one of the silent ones. They are essentially white people who believe in sicker things than I can explain. Please warn people about not being brain-washed by the cult! Vancouver, ask John Volken about his cult/religion!

I don’t understand why you cannot name the “cult”.- nik

Sasha Thinks She “Saved” TheDirty


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I really don’t want to give this psycho more attention but she is losing her mind more and more everyday.  I’m really excited to hear the ideas she gave you. Was one of them “smoke crack”?

Ideas for what? I don’t even know who this is.- nik





Emily Helgason Is At It Again


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Emily Helgason. She has already been posted 2 previous times for being a nasty stripper by the name of Jemma Star from the notorious club that shut down a few years ago by the name of Monty’s. This washed up girl is now popping out babies like they’re going out of style. Her first baby daddy goes by the name of Luke Kozak, he is also posted on here, he’s a woman beating dope dealer and knocked Emily up when she was 16. Needless to say he never see their daughters. Her next child she has no clue who the father is, but her ex husband who she claimed was the father was a rig pig who raked in the cash which is why she chose him to be her next victim obviously. Now 2 years later she’s back at it again with baby daddy #3, he is also a rig pig raking in the dough while Miss Emily sits on welfare in BC Housing smoking cigarettes and being ghetto doing stuff with her pathetic life.  She uses men for their money and when they try and leave her because she’s crazy and insecure she gets pregnant so she can keep them in her life longer. Please put this washed up, old stripper on blast and warn all the other poor incident men before they become victim to her. I feel bad for her current baby daddy because he wanted the baby to be aborted but Emily refused because she was trying to “save their relationship”. You are a special kind of dirtbag Emily, one day I hope you get some real skills like an education and a job instead of sucking dick and taking off your clothes, be a good role model to your daughters, the ya re going to grow up and be just like you, yikes.

They really need to bring condoms to the Canadian market.- nik




Selfie Scam


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just gotta warn everyone about this bogus Selfie App called Send My Selfie or #sms and the crooked guy behind it Tyler Pratt. First off the app doesn’t even exist, nor will it ever. Second he’s scamming investors to dump money behind it claiming he’s the next Mark Zuckerburg. Lol. Sorry Tyler Pratt, no billions for you, but hopefully jail you scumbag. Investors beware!

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