Who Are The Hottest DC’s of 2015


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, been visiting your site for years now, I was wondering as of right now and recent past who you think are the most attractive Dirty Celebs?!?! Now I know you probably think they are all quite unfortunate to look at and probably wouldn’t give a straight answer haha but I’m basically saying, out of them all top 5 “best of a bad situation” kinda chicks you know? C’mon we all remember when Elvira and Brocks Chick were in their prime but right now nobodys really taking the cake.

The old Dirty Celebs are better looking than the newer ones. I still think Silver Dollar (when upside down) and Secretariat could make a run.- nik

Three Suicides Linked to Ashley Madison Hack

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so far 3 suicides have been linked to the Ashley Madison hack. These murderers are now offering 500,000 dollar reward to any information leading to the arrests of the hackers. Well, the list is out there, nothing will change. I can only imagine how many marriages are ending because of this. They really need to man up and shut down the site.

The cheaters feel cheated — so they must get paid.- nik

Wannabe Noodle Cat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Deanna Toujikov is a WELL KNOWN whore, she only has became noticeably popular on instagram and facebook because shes a social climbing wannabe asian gangster and is a local hoe. She thinks shes so hood rich but really her $ is only because of her sellin her trap and her cheater boyfriend’s money. This hoe needs to be put on blast she is one of those typical cakeface wannabes who use there boyfriends money so they can look gangster its funny no one really likes her and her pussy stank BAAAD watch out for this walkin DRD. From how dirty she is im not surprised if she has some blue waffles growin all up in her stinky p**sy she will cheat on your son’s & give them a drd and use all your money

Stick with the clown nose.- nik 

Disgusting Tiny Asian Man Keepo Xaygnachack


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Keepo Xaygnachack and Alvina Kumar. They’ve been dating for 3 years yet, the 38 year old dude has no respect for his woman. He’s been sleeping around with all the new girls at his company… He works for a political campaign office for prime minister Stephen Harper… I don’t know how people would feel if they knew that Stephen Harper is connected to such lowlife people. This guy served 8 years in jail for smuggling drugs lol..(if you google his name, the article will show up)… The 32 year old “woman” that looks like a man, just posts a bunch of ugly selfies on ig and fb…bitch, maybe you shoulda been more concerned with keeping your man happy instead of posting nasty selfies haha. Let Vancouver be warned that this pathetic excuse for a man (Keepo) is a lowlife scumbag who sleeps with everyone.

I’ve literally wasted 7 minutes trying to pronounce Xaygnachack.- nik

Thieving POF ratchet Melanie


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your help tracking down this POF anal skank Melanie. I met her off POF for a no strings attached random hookup, she came over and we did the deed a couple times. After she left I noticed my tablet, watch and money from my wallet was gone. I called her to ask what the hell and she just screamed at me thats the price for letting me bang her. Are all woman on POF hookers basically? wtf, I’ve tried calling her again and no response, does anyone know how I can get my stuff back?

Attention Brat Samara Redway


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Samara Redway.  If you’re from Vancouver you definitely recognize this girl. Her rich step daddy paid for her and her hooker moms fake +2’s, so now she thinks she’s a “model”.  She has a lot of insta followers but honestly who wouldn’t if you had your fake tits hanging out in every pic.  She will sleep with anyone if you give her the time of day. the amount of times she’s got f’d and chucked is crazy. Maybe she should understand she’s a hoe and needs to change if she wants a man.  Her pics look nice, but this girl in person is a chubby little midget.  Samara, stop sleeping around and do something other than post titty pics on insta. There’s more to life than likes sweetie.

Her selfie camera is on point.- nik

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