Trailer Park Poster Couple


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet this cowardly scum living in the ghetto of coquitlam. Its such a shame Andrew Brown was on his way to his career in law or medicine when he met this dumb stripper slut named Britney Wood. Unfortunately she had a baby who he believes he is the father too. His hole family no otherwise though, the poor kid is shoed due to the fact she looks nothing like him, and is most probably a product of one of her many sugar daddys. Andrew used to be so outgoing and fix other peoples cars but now he just stays inside and pops viagra. She constantly cheats on him with her best friend sugar and i can tell it kills him inside. Andrew is so depressed he has gained 200 lbs since meeting her and he is always picking up hookers in wally she is so desperate to keep him she always is having 3somes with hookers. Brittany is a dream killer. Ever since she got her +2s she thinks she’s hot sh*t and is always sleeping with his friends, these two are no good for one another and she is just dragging him down. He works long hours with nothing to show he dresses in close from valuevillige while she and her kids have designer duds, even his phones are hammy downs.



Ok it’s time to represent the DIRTY ARMY. I’m proud to announce these limited edition shirts for America and Canada. The D.I.A movement is so strong right now — less girls smell like poop thanks to us. And TheDirty in Canada is now one of the top ten most visited websites in their country. Canada it is time to be proud. Now you have Hockey and TheDirty! Click here for more color options


**More designs to come and if you have any cool designs I can purchase from you… I’m game. DA Strong!- nik

Prashita Chand Nasty Troll


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick needs to be posted up on here. She’s been trying to break up me and my bf for some time now. She’s so obsessed with him she goes to the extent of posting his personal pics on to her facebook and other social media sites.. How sad and pathetic is that. She thinks she s hot and every guy wants her. But girl you got a too much makeup on your face and with out it you look like a nasty troll. No guy would want you. She also has been on pof looking for guys and she acts like that isn’t her profile. We all know it is don’t hide the fact you are a whore. All the guys in Vancity, Surrey, Richmond etc. needs to know what type a chik she is before you go and approach her. She may come off as being nice but she is crazy pyscho chik who is still obsessed with an ex bf after so many years later. She seems to be mental unstable.

That cheek streak doesn’t hide the horse.- nik

Sasha Toth is Such a Babe


THE DIRTY AMRY:  Nik, this p4p is not new to your site, however the last post was bogus and doesn’t do her justice.  She is one sexy babe!  Big tits, Blue eyes, Blonde hair and killer smile!  She has a bit of horse face/bird beak going on, can’t put my finger on it, but she is still hot as hell 😍!!!  I would wife her up in an instant if she lost about 10 pounds. She’s a few surgeries away from perfection.

I’m not sure it was bogus considering she emailed a copy.- nik

Matt Kunsyz poor single douche


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is an idiot. Want to be ‘DJ’, ex magician, Artist, Dad and total Douche. He likes to use his baby to pick up chicks with his ‘poor single dad routine’, when really he left the mother or his kid and screwed her over apparently. He thinks he’s so great because he’s a DJ but really, he is terrible. Inkredimine… Nice name. (He also goes by Alex.. Pick one.) All he does is tons of Ketamine and who knows what else and talks badly about all his ex’s, all of it bullshit. He is just a poser trying to pretend to be cool to pick up chicks, he really has no limit to low he can get. He is sneaky, manipulative, the biggest liar I’ve ever met,a total man whore, a cheat, and SO dirtyyyy, and disgusting. He may look cute but he’s no catch. What kind of guy uses a baby so people feel sorry for him? I even seen him on my friends Tindr pictures with his baby in it. Gross. DO NOT trust this dude, he’s a master at deception,…that’s what magicians do best isn’t it?

Enrico Saunders desperate & controlling


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he’s abusive towards women Trust issues like no other women has so In other words a total a-hole. Broke up with a beautiful girl his age and attempted to get a girl 5 years younger (being a minor) also very controlling And is grumpy 24/7 takes out all anger in his women, get gets very cocky as he has no self esteem Constantly puts you down to make himself fell better He only likes women that can give him sexual pleassures he couldn’t care less about anything else. Ladies please watch out as he Will have a very tight leash on you like he owns you rather then making you feel like a girlfriend His parents are very unstable teaching him how to treat women and not correcting his actions against women Go figures there.

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