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Navy Pirate


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jeremiah Judson James Smith he’s another navy scum from Victoria that has kids but likes to sleep around with sloots and spreads his DRD’s, one of his regular girls is someone that I don’t know why she hasn’t been posted on here, her name is Diane Marie Rau and she works on Rachael D’s nails, he has two girls as well, him and Diane have play dates with their child while they have sex on the couch while they watch a movie. His wife Beth Milner should be careful since this girl likes to use people for sex and does highly inapropiate sexual stuff around her daughter and other child’s, she is already been investigated by child services, guys and girls you been warned.

Nice art…- nik

Clubbing Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this horse face is Alex Hodgson. Shes a manipulative, lying, psychopath, two faced bi**h. She has a baby but doesn’t give a f’ about it. Shes always leaving it with her ex so she can go out and drink and do blow and find the next dick to jump on and get her pregnant so she can get more child support to buy herself stuff. Shes claiming shes pregnant again yet shes out every night… She slept with her best friends boyfriend while having a boyfriend of her own. She lives off maternity leave so her low life drug dealer boyfriend pays for everything. Stay out of her path, she’ll go out of her way to start shit with you. She needs to get a life. And to top it off she hangs out with Felicia Lynn Walker (addict mother who’s kids got taken away)…sooner or later her kid will get taken away too.

Pepsi over Parenting

slut 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is michelle makokis she is a nasty slut skank who bangs anybody for pepsi or money. also she’s a swinger Good for nothing hoe. She’s horrible in bed (star fish) only good for dumping loads in her trashy trap. No one likes her she’s fat as hell, a walking drd , she wont think twice to sleep with you so be aware yuck. She has a daughter ,drinks and does pepsi almost every night leaving her kid with her cr**k head father or grandfather, maybe ask her on fb to send you some nudes pretty sure she wont hesitate to send em! just honestly the most fake person you will ever meet! Just wanting to warn everyone about this low life, disgusting slut,but im pretty sure most of campbell river already knows!!! What do you think about her?

Jealous and Abusive


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shaawn Ray. He likes to act tough but when called out he turns into the b*tch he is. The only time he will fight is in the ring or hit a woman. He’s an abusive monster towards woman and that’s the real reason he should be posted here. He can’t keep a girl because he turns into a jealous turd. Hits her and controls her by stalking her Facebook, texts and phone calls. Ladies stay away. Don’t make the same mistake.

1011 Life Lessons


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guys name is Le from Nanaimo Hes is actually the biggest player I have heard of. He used to be with this crazy chick who was super hot but now hes dating this washed up leechy single mom whos older than he is!! So nik, basically this dude thinks hes a motivational writer and hes always posting about life lessons and spirituality and living a wholesome life but Meanwhile he sleeps with so many girls, while being in relationships an passes around drds and its so funny to watch. You can actually go onto this one website and hire him to life coach you! I dont know about anyone elsebut I dont think Im interested in being coached by a dirtbag with drd who lies to all the girls hes banging and did i mention he lives at his moms and is like 33yrs old. I think nanaimo is sick of hearing about the escapades this guy goes on and what a contradiction he is.

Terry Schell on the loose


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Old bag got a renovation tummy Tuck and boobs.Since then she is out sleeping with everything in her path especially young boys.This whore is on the loose on the Internet check her profile remember her face if you want to get a disease you will be good to go.She cross border travels to keep her snatch filled take care of your kids you’re a bad mother deny that?you can’t bi**h makes me sick stay broke for life giving away that old meat it’s all its good for no one will pay not even with food stamps Best before date this witch is expired…..

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