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Sugar Scum


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies be careful with Mark Tuttle he’s a liar,manipulating,cheater, drug/steroid user bag scum that uses his position at sugar night club to get in with young girls and pass his stds, his regular Clint Diane Marie Rau and him have unprotected sex in her couch while her daughter is awake in her room, warning all the nice ladies to stay away from this player.

Small Greg Dickson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Where do I start with this one… Meet Travis Dickson… Perhaps I should start by saying I’m writing this as a good samariton of Victoria in hopes that we put a stop to this dirty walking disease of a “man.” I think using the term “F*ck boy” would be going to easy for this waste of space. Ladies, don’t give this piece of shi* a second of your time. He is a liar, a cheater (admitted cheater), a manipulator, and for a lack of a better term.. a f’ing loser. This  white sniffing piece of sh*t walks around like he’s f’en king when really he’s the vermon of this world. This f*g bait has multiple relationships manipulating poor girls into believing that their in a committed monogamous relationship. How embarrassing for a 29 year old to act, if not having a licence wasn’t embarrassing enough. Seeing as your a failure at sobriety and life, why don’t you do more rails on the bathroom stalls you wannabe reformed f’-tard. We all know your “road to recovery meetings” was just an excuse to bend over your little twinkle toes and take a hard one up the ass. But.. just in case your new found gapping asshole hasn’t helped reform you fit for society, just like your AA meetings haven’t… Let me just say your tucan-sam shnause isn’t fooling anyone. Get a life, and for f’ sakes give it up. And before I go… Can anyone say… MOLE MOLEEEEEHHHH MOLEYY MOLEY. Someone get out the mole stick.

Should of stayed in Duncan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, CHANPREET HAYRE aslo known as CHUNKY, oh Chunks where do we start this guy is a drunk who goes out and about flirting with other women with boyfriends or even married, even though he is married himself we all feel sorry for his wife to have to put up with him no wonder he married to a young one,he talks about his sister getting married to a white man when he goes and gets married to a white women himself what a two faced goof,he gets so drunk he does not even remember the next day he lies and cheats he cheated on so many of his ex girlfriends even he cheated on my best friend,he lies about his age he has to be pushing 40 hes bald, when he gets drunk you want to stay far away because he beats up his own friends talks so much sh*t thinks hes tough and wants to fight,we do not know how he holds down a job he says his wife takes everything from him do you blame her to have to deal with him be ware women this guy is a womenzier who wont talk no for a answer he will even tell you hes not married,that is why they call is drunken Duncan should of stayed there,he hits up the Cactus club on the weekends even buying women drinks, must think hes some real prize he loves his blonds.

Linda Savil Nasty Thot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is LINDA SAVIl, She is a nasty thot, who likes to spread her drd around and lie and say she is clean.. she is a cop calling b**ch and only cares about Partying and getting f’ed up. She will give up her pu*sy for free but she prefers to sell her ass.. She beats guys and finds any way to control them, If she doesn’t have control over you watch out…Cause all hell will break loose. She’s a low life who looks for little boys to pray over. If your 16 This chick will find you and try and sleep with you…All these poor little boys getting drd from this b**ch…She’s nothing but a cheating ass hoe, Puts guys in jail for sh*t she has done she will act like shes such a f’ing victim when deep down she is the real problem. This B**ch needs some real help. Shes Crazy… If you don’t want to sleep with her she will wait till you’re asleep then have her way with you… Pretty Disgusting…She lost her job at the Ramada For STEALING. She will do anything for her fix… or to get f’ed up…she will lie, steal. Cheat… as long as it benefits her she doesn’t care.

Brian Bailey Player

scary 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Any ladies thinking of dating Brian Bailey be warned he is a big time player and get’s around and has various sexual diseases. When he get’s drunk he will flirt with any women single or dating it doesn’t matter he wants to f’ them, so if you are dating him don’t be surprised to find another women in bed that isn’t you. He lives in the Westshore and frequents the Tim Hortons at Westshore Town Center and drives a banged up jeep with purple side runners you can often find him sitting in the parking lot trying to find chicks to hook up with..nasty…. Don’t fall for his looks and charm.. He is certainly not playing with a full deck.. Ladies be warned.

Workout sleeves?- nik

Mom Looking for a Good Time


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl’s name is Kayla Van Loon she is 22 years old and is a single mother of one she likes to play with guy’s hearts and then she will go f” her bro’s who are like family to her she is a major pot head and does not know how to discipline her child… She doesn’t know how to keep a man that respects and cares and loves her. she likes to reflect on others when she needs to reflect on herself pretty immature when it comes to breaking up in relationships when it comes to breaking up with a relationship with this girl she’s the first to do it and will deny it so don’t be fooled. She denys sleeping with men when dating someone this girl is just all together f’ing dumb and a slut so watch out victoria

I hope that’s a shadow.- nik

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