Kevin Riddoch IT School of Ghosting


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kevin Riddoch, I guess that wasn’t your mom’s house that I picked you up at. I guess I know now why you wouldn’t let me in, or why after several months of dating we couldn’t stay at your place. I hope that you weren’t lying about the drd tests you supposedly took. Do you think you’re some sort of celebrity, adapting the trend of “Ghosting”? I think it just means you’re a douchebag. And getting FB to remove innocent photos of us – in public, holding hands? What kind of psychotic behaviour is that? You shouldn’t need to be told that breakups are to be done to face to face. You don’t say “I love you” for months then block me and not return my calls the next. Just try to show some class and maturity. I hope that karma bites you on the ass really hard.

Chris Bishops Habits


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chris Bishop. He’s a junkie who sells drugs to support his habit. He has a child who he can’t take care of. Also, he goes for and tries to sleep with underage drug addicted girls. He prays on weak women. No self-respecting woman would be with him. No self-respecting guy would be his friend. He would rather spend time doing drugs then hanging out with his kid.

Jail tats speaks volumes.- nik

Danny Paradis Certified Player


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douchebage name is Danny Paradis. The Biggest player in Canada and would f*ck and sleep with all women he meets in pubs or whoever he feels like!! He calls and texts gfs I know & all he thinks is he’s got everything but yes coward balls and such a F loser!! The guy is a total douche sleaze balls and beats up on everyone (EVEN WOMEN AND PROVEN !!) this guy is nothing but a coward québécois accent who thinks he can have all women well man to say this man is DRD and is easily recognizable with his stupid big nose f’er. Ladies and women don’t be fooled, be careful please!!!

Trisha Trainwreck Kent


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Trisha Kent.. Otherwise known as Trisha Jupp or MindnightQueen Jupp. She dates married men, including her bestfriends dad, just to name a few. She calls herself “babycakes” and hangs around tillicum like the true Pepsi sloot she is. This LG hangs around with 30-40 year old men, doing them “favors” if you know what i mean,.. and im sure has a couple of DRD’s . She gets her boyfriend “Yoshi” to call and make threats to people when this despite little bitch cant get her way. Where’s Mario and Luigi?!  Most of her friends have gotten smart and dont hang around with her anymore. She once dated a guy that got hit by a car, and instead of being there for him inside the hospital, guess where she was? Sucking some other guys dong. Nice huh? Trisha is what you call the town bicycle.. EVERYONE gets a ride. There isnt anyone in town that hasnt heard of Trisha and i wonder why.. To top things off, this whiny little bitch tried calling all her old friends to get them back because shes “5 days sober and shes sorry”…Yea thats why you were doing Pepsi the other day. Shes Victoria trash and belongs in the town dump where she belongs! She doesnt have a real job and sells herself on the corner to make money for her drinking and drug habits.

You can’t bend your way into a figure.- nik

Sells drugs to underage girls


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Aaron Perez. Andrew Fairway’s supplier.

Its always a snake charmer.- nik

Andrew Fairburn wannabe dealer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this loser is Andrew Fairbairn, also goes by “Drew Fairway”, and “James Note” on Facebook (which he deleted) it’s his incognito alias so cops can’t search his name while he is trying to sell Pepsi. He’s a washed up wannabe attempting to sell for the big boys like Aaron Perez, outside of the Fox Pub so him and his pregnant girlfriend Akela can eat McDonald’s and smoke weed all day. He fails to tell people about his DRD and gave it to one of my friends Averil Johnston, which btw A**hole that sh*t is permanent for life. He’s a freeloader who sleeps on people’s couches and pretends he’s some boss while he’s couch surfing and mooching off all his girlfriends. He likes to pick on girls, and used to beat on his ex girlfriend Symphony if she didn’t suck his Greg “properly”. Now this wanna be loser is having a BABY, he can’t even afford to take care of himself let alone a child. Put this Dbag in his place and tell him to grow up and put down the bottle.

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