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Is she actually this dumb


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, how could anyone take this Facebook page seriously? This chick did!

Using Marijuana While Pregnant


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what’s your opinion on smoking marijuana while pregnant? This girl named Dayna Cronk has admitted to smoking marijuana while pregnant with her 7month old child. She smoked marijuana during breast feeding and still smokes it with her daughter in the room.

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Passed Around the Reserve


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what physical or psychological trauma causes someone to do this to themselves? Petty criminals Jason Sheena and Shane Wilson.

Who goes straight to the face…- nik

Attention seeking rave sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Akela brougham she is an anorexic partying, raving pepsi whore who is now dating the biggest looser in Vic (andrew fairburn). She posts all over facebook how she is single and wishes she could find a better man and then the next week they are back together. They have been dating for 3 months and she is already 14 weeks pregnant with his kid while continuing to party and smoke weed I viously the only reason for keeping the baby is security and entrapment because Andrew is a drug dealer who makes money and no one else wants her stinking flat ass. she is a chronic weed smoker and as you can tell by the picture provided clearly has no intentions of stopping. Andrew sells coke at the fox and picks up random chicks every other week while Akela sits at home getting baked and complaining about her life. Can you say power couple ? This couple screams ministry of children and family involvement if you can’t even keep it together throgh the first 3 months of your pregancy doesn’t that tell you somethingAll I see on this girls Facebook every day is her attention seeking drama “feel sorry for me” pity party. Needless to say I’ve deleted her for good….. She just posted a few months ago how she needs treatment and is doing drugs all the time and 2 weeks after that she is becoming a mother ? Bravo good on u for increasing the rate of children placed in foster care put this bitch on blast and maybe she will get some real help instead of pretending to for attention so she can try and actually be a mother to this poor baby

Hashtags won’t win you the attention you seek.- nik

Neverending Story of Jami Dalziel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, jami is the nastiest, trashiest, chug in this town. She’s fake and she only keeps people around if she can use them for something (booze, pepsi, or their boyfriends) her whole family is gross native drunks. I’m surprised she isn’t already on the dirty with all the people that she’s messed over. She cheated on her ex boyfriend with his BEST FRIEND, and cheated on him again with a M**H HEAD! her boyfriend kicked her out of her house so her best friend let her live at her house, and to repay the favour; SHE BANGED HET LITTLE BROTHER! She thinks she’s a model but there’s no way in hell you can call yourself a model with your gut hanging out and that HUGE bull ring in the middle of your face. Her house caught on fire and burnt down and she still continued to be a slore, you think she would’ve tooken a hint that karma is coming for her. Her own cat even ran away because it was sick of her nasty ass.

Boot camp isn’t working.- nik

Got Caught Stealing at my Work


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lol you can find her # on BP or in pharmacy stealing cream for her infections& nasty crotch itch , she constantly mooches off people and couch surfs & gets people to pity her than rips them off. Just a nasty drug addict ho bag drd infected thief Bri cross aka bp hooker angelina aliyah

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