Got Caught Stealing at my Work


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lol you can find her # on BP or in pharmacy stealing cream for her infections& nasty crotch itch , she constantly mooches off people and couch surfs & gets people to pity her than rips them off. Just a nasty drug addict ho bag drd infected thief Bri cross aka bp hooker angelina aliyah

Campbell Rivers Voodoo Trap


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shyanne Davis she is a nasty slut skank who bangs bikers and sucks greg for money. also she’s a swinger Good for nothing hoe. She’s terrible in bed only good for dumping loads in her trashy trap. No one likes her she’s fat as hell along with the rest of her crew! and looks like she’s got an underbite and she’s just ugly. She locks guys in rooms at parties and trys to force guys to f her, yuck. She drinks and does pepsi almost every night. She pretty much lives at the voodoo in the trashy bathroom stalls doing rails after rails.. She’s 21 and still lives at home with her mommy she literally has no life. Just wanting to warn everyone about how disgusting she is but pretty sure most of campbell river already knows!!! What do you think about her?

Looks like some made it in the car.- nik

Miranda Whitehead


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this by far the worst person on the rock she is always whoreing herself out when she be a mom causing drama is her thing trying to break up ppl and there life’s…probably trying to fill her meaningless life has sex for drugs is what she’s all about and the old gross men she sells her self to and she always throws her friends in harms way leaves them to get abused time to kick this whore off the island !

Josh Behm the Molestor


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is a very serious topic. I am posting this in hopes some people see it and ask around a little and realize nothing I say is a rumour or a lie… Where to start where to start. Lets start with a actual criminal charge he pled GUILTY too. When his niece was 4 years old (I would say her name but out of respect for her I will just say her name starts with an S) he sexually molested her. Sure I could make this up but have no reason to. As well, this wasn’t just told to me. This was something he was criminally charged with and pled guilty too. If you get a chance, ask him yourself. He admitted to a couple people I know that yes this is true but he only pled guilty because his lawyer told him too. Good one pedophile clown. That would be considered incestual sexual assault which just takes it too a whole new level. Sexually assaulting your own family members when they are 4 years old? Wow. That is the main topic I wanted to bring up. Another is how he has forced multiple girlfriends of his into having sex with them when they don’t want it. Just because you have had consensual sex with your girlfriend once doesn’t mean it’s not considered rape when you pin her down and make her have sex with you as she’s crying saying stop.

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Colton Everatt Face Tattoo


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the town of Victoria is full of idiots like this. How low does your self-esteem have to be to walk around like this? I’d rather hide inside.

The fart of all art


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chelsea Connors. She likes to pretend that she’s some tattoo artist who’s got all the skills. She tattoos shitty work on people, squiggly lines, horrible shading. She tattoos out of her house that she calls her “shop”. I wouldn’t go 10 feet near this chick especially if she’s got a needle. She has drd that are probably herpilating all over her tattoo equipment *gross* she’s a coke slut who tries to tell people she looses weight from diet and excerise when we all know she’s sniffing her way to be skinny. Oh oh oh oh! Get this, she thinks she’s a model and gets pictures taken Half naked with her caked up face full of make up, fcked up hair colours and her non semectrical eyebrows. You were better off taking your clothes off for money on the Internet

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