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Tomi Lauren Goes Off On Radical Islam

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tomi Lauren and she has a show called “On Point with Tomi Lauren”… check her out going off on Radical Islamists, and how they have brought the fight right here to America and we aren’t doing anything about it.

These are not her words and Tom is a terrible reader. She needs +2’s so I don’t notice her eyeballs reading from left to right. Tom is not 💯.- nik

Vampires Are People Too


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I came across this crazy article. So, vampires are real… human beings who self-identify as vampires and may drink blood or sleep in coffins. And these people need as much psychotherapy and medical help as the rest of us. That’s the conclusion of a study by D.J. Williams, director of social work at Idaho State University, and published in the July issue of the peer-reviewed journal Critical Social Work. Williams and his co-author, Emily E. Prior interviewed 11 vampires from across the United States and South Africa and found that they were reluctant to come out to clinicians because they were fearful about being labeled as being psychopathological or “perhaps wicked, and not competent to perform in typical social roles, such a parenting.”  If everyone looks at Bruce Jenner as hero, what do these vampires have to worry about?  I find it way more disturbing that Bruce is cutting his Greg off than to see someone drink blood in front of me.

Vampires need equal rights.- nik

Toll Road Douche Bag Jason James


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Jason James Bourcier.  Lets just start out with saying he’s obviously stressed out from getting sued by how much gray hair he has on his face. He’s 35 but looks 50. The only thing left attractive on him are those fake muscles from steroids but that will fade as his money keeps running out. Start using them in your legs man before its too late, or squat. Chicken legs at its finest. You think with how much he is getting sued for he would have put his cocaine and partying addiction to sleep but nope you’ll still see him out blowing money that he doesn’t have on drugs and alcohol. I mean I guess you have to numb the pain somehow… With more stupid actions that will catch up LMAO He’s known for getting used by girls for green cards and then they ditch him. Like his current girlfriend who cheated on him for months with another man but due to Jasons stupidity and insecurity of course he took her back. She just wants the green card tho judging by her actions and these pictures, there’s not much more she wants from Jason LOL She gets the money and D from who she cheats with. The dude is trying to start a car exporting business with China and a few other Countries but what kind of investor would want to invest in him after googling his name and seeing how much he owes the city. What a joke his life is. Nik help me put this tool back in the shed.

I’m guessing that’s a business contract tattooed on his leg.- nik

Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Across the United States


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the United States Friday in a closely divided ruling that will stand as a milestone in its 226-year history. I think this is amazing for our country and people that are gay now can be accepted like every other human. WE ARE ALL EQUAL.

My first thought — Another win for the Gays. My second thought — Duel male income is good for the economy. My final thought — How will this affect affectionate children in school systems? This is more than just ‘legalizing same-sex’ marriage… this is open season for public dude make out sessions.- nik

Solat Zaidi Is A Bully


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this woman is a racist and an online bully. She admits that she does not like African Americans, and Asians, and basically anyone who doesn’t share her views, including Americans! She likes to judge people and to criticize how they look and what they’re wearing, for anyone’s support of American troops! I found out where she works: Solat Zaidi is an executive at BioFortis which is based in Columbia, Maryland. According to her former friend, she’s a dishonest backstabber who hates her job and seeing so many African Americans and Asians around. Solat, don’t hate! I don’t see how an immigrant like Solat can come to a black community in America and talk crap about African Americans and Asians! I don’t know where this woman is from, but please do us Americans a favor and go back home! Another anti-American executive in America, just what we need.

President Obama Drops The N-Bomb

I’m truly shocked that the President of the United States dropped the N-word. How does this help racism? If anything this makes matters worse. I decided.- nik

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