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Danielle and Natasha Live For Attention


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here are Danielle C & Natasha H. Just simply, these girls have no class. A simple request for a “tit pic” will guarantee the requester a reply containing said “Tit Pic”no matter who it is. Girls with decent morals do NOT do these things. These girls have looks but nothing else. I pity girls like these. Sad to see them lower themselves, such wasted potential. Please learn to love yourself and who you are, instead of trying to search for it through such petty means.  Click here to see their “hearts”!!!

Even though they have forehead issues, I still clicked. Shame on Instagram = porn site!- nik

I Wish We Had A Strong Leader Like Jordan Does


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m sure you heard how ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot to death.  The poor guy just stood there as they lit him on fire… well luckily for him, the King of Jordan in return killed captured ISIS members and has started doing air strikes and sending in ground troops.  This is how you deal with Terrorist, you go kill the f*cking swine they are.  If Obama had any balls, this would be all different.

Obama is on vacation. He is already picking out his drapes for the retirement villa in Hawaii. America really needs to be focusing on who is going to lead this country in 2016.- nik

Racist Porn Star


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey I’m glad the site is back and better then ever Nik! So my post is about this amateur porn star who calls herself Seadra. She says she’s living in Sterling Virginia a border town of Washington DC and is originally from Canada. I tried sending her a message and she replied by asking my my race! When I told her I was a white guy she said “don’t contact me again” ! So I looked at her profile a little closer and found out she only likes “black guys and girls”. Note the race of the girls doesn’t matter but the men have to be black! I feel discriminated against and lost. You see in white so I have nobody but if I was a black guy who was told by a porn star not to contact her because of race then I could go to Al Sharpton to save me. I’m lost Nik and I’m really hurt but I’d feel allot better if you’d blast this racist skank on the dirty!

Mitt Romney Considering Another Run For President

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Romney speaks at a campaign rally in Fairfax

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Mitt Romney is considering for President again. I have no doubt he would easily win and it a great candidate. What do you think?

He is no Nixon. You can’t bank offshore and be president.- nik

David Merin

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this number here is David Merin. Originally of Indianapolis. lived in Gerogia and is currently in Washington DC looking for a job. This guy got me pregnant and afterwords, decided that he wouldn’t care and wouldn’t even help with the cost of abortion. He is a former U.S. army sgt, and is currently looking for a translation job. He is Jewish and ensures that he pushes his religion on anyone he meets. He has treated me like garbage to the point where I have decided to get an abortion as I want nothing to do with him. Please put this man on blast.

We Can Do Better Than Jeb Bush And Hillary Clinton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are considered the frontrunners for 2016. Is our country so pathetic that we can only come up with leaders from two families? A Clinton or Bush has run for President every single election since 1980, with the exception of 2012. Jeb Bush was a decent Governor, but he will do nothing to change the horrible course that our country is on. We don’t need managers of our countries decline, we need bold leaders to change course and turn this country around. There is a better way, a brighter future, but he is not it. Hillary Clinton is sadly even worse. She has been in the public eye since the 1980’s and served as Senator and Secretary of State, but can anyone name a single accomplishment? Feel free to use Google, because none exist. She was a failure as a Senator and as Secretary of State she was the chief architect of Obamas foreign policy, which has been a disaster by all accounts. We need principled, articulate leaders to fix our current problems, and you will not find that in Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. They may be able to raise enough money to run for President, but neither will do more than manage the decline of America, and it doesn’t need to be that way.

We like to think backwards in America. That is why we never progress.- nik

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