Slore of Glentucky


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amy Frankenfield works at a local trucking company and is also a private photographer. She has done modeling shoots for girls looking to get “into the business”. She is notorious for her revolving door of boyfriends who either have smacked around her young son or emotionally abused him. She doesn’t give a sh*t as long as she gets her D and gets her bills paid. She is a stereotypical cougar slore who has went through more cocks then your local KFC. Her desire to sooth her ever aching loins always comes before her son. She doesn’t even know who his dad is and neglects him for her scumbag 20 something boy toys and her precious dog. Ive called CPS for years to no avail. Amy I know your going to be reading this soon. You need to stop acting like an 18 year-old liberated ASU slut who came from an Amish family. Your almost 50 honey time to put your big girl panties on and put your son first.

Flinch the Clown


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl needs to be blasted. Here’s the dirt: she’s the girlfriend of this guy who plays a character that a lot of people in the west valley know as Flinch the clown at Fear Farm. She works at a gas station in Buckeye and started cheating on him with a drug dealer, got prego, had a miscarriage (or abortion), then went bat shit crazy and lashed out at all of her friends and family. Thing is, she’s been used and abused behind his back many times. He took her back (because he’s a fool and has no self respect). Her excuse to get him back was that the m**h guy made her do it all against her will. Thing is, he’s a good dude to all of his friends and small fan base, just not himself infortunately. Her name is Melissa the tweeker.

Child Beater Daniel Duarte


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, May 7th marks Daniel Ameth Duarte’s 31st birthday. I’d like to celebrate by reminding the world he got arrested for beating his young daughter. Thankfully he is court ordered not to have contact with his kids until they turn 18. Unfortunately he got off easy as a result of a plea bargain where he was sent to anger management classes and probation.

How does stuff like this work? Does he still have to pay child support or something… scumbag.- nik

Incest Couple from Apache Junction


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this story is right out of Jerry Springer because it involves incest and white trash.The reason I’m doing this through thedirty is because I don’t want the drama of telling Mary’s husband and I will not reveal his name put of respect to his privacy. So Mary Pedersen-Overmeyer has married and started a family but growing up she was in an incest relationship with her brother Morgan(both pictured). Yes this scandal came about back around 2009/2010 when Morgan was just beginning high school and Mary was an adult. Their mom walked in the bedroom and caught Mary sucking her little 14 year-old brother! Only some of her extended family and close friends like me heard about it. The Pedersen family is religious they tried solving the problem by going to the local church. Back then Morgan and Mary promised to never mess with each other again and said it was only a “one time thing” out of boredom (yeah right!). Mary cried to harvest sympathy like the little manipulative whore she is and blamed Morgan for coming onto her. Truth is they have continued their relationship since but have just been more careful about it. Morgan has since graduated Apache Junction high school and is in college. He was given a reward for outstanding performance in Mathematics so he’s smart enough to know its wrong to mess with your sister and not only your sister but a married women at that! He is home wrecking his nephew’s family and its pretty sick. Mary’s husband is a good laid back guy who loves his son and stays around because of guilt not because he wants to. I love how Mary goes around acting like she’s such a good mom and Morgan goes around his college acting like he’s such a clean cut boy scout. These people are hella fake and this is coming from someone who grew up with them, went to school with them, and knows them well. These 2 need to be held accountable for their actions because its inexcusable to be this selfish. There should be nothing wrong with incest against consenting adults, no different then the gays, but not when one of them is in a married relationship with a kid! One other thing that’s really creepy about all this is that Morgan is bi-sexual and Mary is apparently ok with him hooking up with dudes while they continue their affair. Mary’s husband needs to know this and get himself tested!

West-Side Trick


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch names is Priscilla T. Westside dirty hoe, mom sells weed , bitch is forever at the strip selling her pssy for some dope. She’s always with them nasty strippers Kathy gabby briA. And those westside fck boys. Bitch isn’t about nothing. Swear I called this bitch out and nothing, all bark. Bitch needs to get tested. She gave my brother the clap. If you fck her make sure you get the shot ASAP.

Ashley Douglas In Porn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is evidence that Ashley Douglass posed as Krystal and tried to get into porn with that disgusting freak from BackroomCastingCouch. As a side note, apparently she doesn’t like anal.

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