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Escort Alexia Lauren Carrillo Steals 100k From Client

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alexia Lauren Carrillo stole 100k in cash last week with the help of some guys last week in Avondale, AZ. She was on thebackpage website under the name “Melissa” which was an identity stolen from a Texas women. Now she is in jail but her accomplices are still on the loose. I figured you and the DA would love this story Nik.

Who pays 100k in cash for sex? I don’t get it.- nik

Killer Mom of toddler cheats justice


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik in 1989 Debra Milke hired 2 men to kill her son for insurance money to get revenge on her ex husband. Now 25 years later she’s off death row in another travesty of justice because the detective she confessed to forgot to record the confession. A bunch of radical feminists came together to raise money for her and helped this bitch cheat justice. Now she’s free while the men she hired still face execution and her son is 6 feet under. Please show this bitches mugshot to everyone so nobody will ever forget her face fck the arizona justice system

Wants What Isn’t Hers

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl was told over and over not to mess with my girls man and she still texted him sent him in appropriate pics. She even asked if they were still together and she continued to text with him inappropriate shit. My girl doesn’t have the man any more but only because this thirsty trashy whore wouldn’t leave their family alone. She purposefully broke up what was a good relationship just to get some dick. On top of that she is out all the time dressing like a whore and whose there for her kids while she is spreading her legs for every man she sees and getting trashed. If any man shows her any attention she will just spread em. Hey guys look for her at the cowpony or the maverick she is there every weekend trashed and rolling around a pool table. She is an easy lay. Probably not that great but easy is easy.

Save this Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a wreck. She’s so lost and needs to be saved. I’m hoping you can help. Her name is Brittany Wellman and she’s a crazy drug addict now :( heroin, meth, pepsi.. you name it she’s on it. She almost died last week of an overdose. She tells stories of being kidnapped, forced to do drugs and beaten. Sorry but none of that is true. Quit lying to everyone and get some help girl. We love you and you are fading away to nasty street trash. Go home and quit living in Motel 6’s and screwing your drug dealer. If she doesn’t get help soon.. she’s going to die or be killed. The first 2 pictures are of her now.. and the last one is how pretty she used to be. Help Nik!

Fautso Corral is ratchet

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this punks named Fautso Corral and he is a deadbeat loser living with his nasty whore girlfriend Katy and her mom. He used to work construction with me at camelback but his ass got fired for stealing tools and selling them to pawn shops. All he does is smoke weed and drink with his nasty ass girlfriend and hang out with her at mcfaddens or at metro sports bar by metro mall in north phoenix.

Troy Doggett is a deadbeat dad

THE DIRTY ARMY: My cousin was going out with this nice girl who had a history of alcohol abuse. Troy Doggett was her coworker and would enable her to fall off the wagon and would make up lies about my cousin like how he was cheating on her. After they broke up Troy gets her pregnant then runs away from his responsibility and she ends up having the baby and now she’s a single mom who can’t stay sober. Troy is a deadbeat loser who should be in jail for not taking care of his baby! I hope all the girls in phoenix stay away from this creep!

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