Don’t Date Red from Phoenix

THE DIRTY ARMY: For about a year I began feeling neglected, turned down when I’d initiate sex, and I tried to spice things up, but Red was already vacating our marriage. 5 weeks ago it became evident that he just didn’t even really care to be in pictures with me. Last night I decided to go hunting for some truth. Turns out he’s been on the prowl. Attached is a Post by some single lady & his reply to her Craigslist Ad. He messed up his first relationship, with whom he had (3) beautiful daughters with because during a moment of him getting a blowjob from some woman and his Baby Mama pulling up during this event, the woman that was getting him off decided to lift her head, exposing what she was doing. Needless to say, the Baby Mama took off & threw all of his belongings outside their place. My comment to him telling me this story was: “Gosh…That must have been devastating for your Baby Mama” His response: “Oh Well…It is what it is!” I don’t care what any woman says or thinks, that shit was just straight up WRONG! This guy wants a woman who is submissive and will do what he wants only. Thank God I’m seeing the light. So for any of your ladies that think he’s a keeper, He’s NOT! His selfies truly demonstrate the dirty dog that he is. Too bad he couldn’t keep a good woman happy or keep up with my sexual needs. I’m glad to be getting out of this relationship. BEWARE!!

Creepy Johnny Edge

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yeah this is Johnny Edge who’s from Arizona and claims to be a photographer but all he does is take weird pictures of himself. He is an attention whore who has never worked a day in his life. He’s a h*roin addict and wannabe Emo, who still mooches off his parents and got kicked out of his pipe fitting apprentice program because he couldn’t pass a drug test.

Stupid Ass Joe Johnson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this silly looking toothless Q*eer . Is like a little Baby . He wants to think he can support girls so they will have sex with him. Sorry but it doesn’t work out for him he is just a poor fool. Somehow he managed to get a girlfriend named Heather . I heard she is not bad lookin . It is my mission to f her brains out now. I also want to f his mother in her face. This stupid excuse for a man just looks like a dirtball. Look how he dresses he live in a smelly corner of a basement of a house (that he pays for ) while the female he is in love with takes over everything that he pays for . And he still doesn’t get sex . Like he dreams of. He asks her what I have that he doesn’t. For 1 I have my teeth . A hair cut , and style. This F – Head is just lost and has no idea what he has done. He sleeps in a cum covered bed , but its not his sperm . It’s mine . Also filled his pillow cases with it. Even washed my ass and balls with his wash cloth that he still uses everyday. He is upset that he can’t have my girl. Nik this worthless idiot could never get her off the way that I do. I really wanna do the same for his Mother and his girlfriend Heather. I will post once the mission is complete. He looks and acts like a pervert not even sure why this lovely girl takes her kids around this Homo. You can’t use them to make her like you . Shuddering Dummy.

disgusting lesbian

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik Amber Clark here thinks its ok to be 400 pounds and wear revealing clothes while sucking dick for weed and neglecting her daughter. She is the most selfish disgusting pig in all of Arizona. Please put her on blast!

Pregnant Mistress Samantha Exposed




THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Margaret Ann D’Angelo aka “Mistress Samantha Dominatrix”. She also goes by Margaret Demira, Margaret Steele or Margaret Mendick. She claims to be pregnant although she cant have kids but claims to be pregnant but this career isn’t exactly the best for mothering. Against abortion but has aborted 2 kids and all her childhood friends she cast aside like “bloody diapers”; an inane phrase she often uses. She is very mean to her sister even once stealing Matt, her ex husband, from her. Wont admit what happened in the van with the “Mexican” or the “bloody diapers” needs therapy. She operates in North Phoenix and is a total whore.

Racist Bus Driver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bus driver Darryl Dukes said “Get your Asian ass off my f*cking bus!” as I pleaded with him to not deny a wheelchair-bound person entry. It is illegal to deny handicapped person access to public transportation and a lawsuit has been filed. I am acting as plaintiff’s main witness. We demand Mr. Dukes be fired immediately. He drives for First Transit in Phoenix, Arizona.

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