Chanelle Darnell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out, ladies, if your man is weak for the easy blowjob because this whore is on the loose. Fairly recently I found this slut in MY house I have with my fiancé , when I came home from work on my lunch hour. Her ass needs to be put on blast, Nik, for giving black girls a bad name jumping into the bed that a man has made with his (formerly) fiancé. Chanelle Darnell is a joke, poor self esteem, ugly, and willingly sucked my ex finances dick for nothing in return. Can you say easy? Easily diseased more like. Go home bitch, you’re boring me!

MeatHead Mother of the Year


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet mother of the year, crystal burton. She’s on her way to winning another award for shooting meth while being pregnant. She has no idea who the father is. She sleeps with old men to get the meth or money to get it. She’s already lost her other kids to the state for drug use. They might as well take this one too. She has no concern for human life. She’s worthless. She needs to be blasted and then maybe she’ll finally get it. Sew up the twat, whore.

Omaha Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kaisha aka Love aka “I get pregnant by my customers & say it’s my mans baby” Kaisha here is from Nebraska she moved a couple of years ago to b a prostitute, & ended up staying to be a dancer. Even moved her baby daddy down here until he said fcking her friends (me tooooooo bitch

The young and The young looking


THE DIRTY ARMY: nIK This is the pedofile pick of the week in my book yes this site is made for vengeance and it is mine i respect the law for this guy being a scumbag…I was cool with him until he didn’t tell me what he was and now hes going to marry my x girl aka jessica skankzoid wasserstein…hes a sick man and i’m sure getting with a girl that looks like shes 16 makes up for not really doing it again and again NOT…once a sex offender always a sex offender and he claims to be a crip that was jumped in by family for one thing if your born into it you don’t need to get jumped in i was jumped in with a 5th over my head and walked around south sac for 3 days before i could find a hospital this guy must have been beaten retarded in order to try and have sex with a 14 year old girl at his age…he lied about his age and he should have a zipper for a mouth because anything that he says is a lie. he said he was 34 nd hes not hes 27 and he looks like a retarded fish that need to be thrown back into the fish tank AKA prison for people that don’t know what that is…hes using the love of my life for a house and she’s still married not matter how pissed i am at her i’m still in love with her….He’s scum and a fake ass gang member…empty threats and all i have no time but to put him on the dirty. I love all yall keep him away from your young ones. He also goes to the open door even though he pretty much rapes the girl im in love with i can’t do shit about anything cause i don’t want to go to jail and i don’t want her to be put in this situation anymore than she already is. Name: First Name: DUSTIN Middle Name: DEAN Last Name: STEWART Name Suffix: Aliases:  Felony Aggravated indecent solicitation of child <14 YOA; to commit sex act HILL CITY Graham Kansas US

Brittany Martin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Brittany Michelle Martin. This chick can’t get her own man if she tried. She is obsessive and a full blown liar who spreads her legs easier than melted butter, so young and yet so vial. She has no respect for herself and definitely does not understand boundaries. Honestly I feel bad for her, this guy who is TAKEN had kept her on standby for the past four years yet she thinks they’re in love. Right now she’s screwing or claims to be screwing this guy who has a gf and is trying to justify herself for it, I feel bad for all three of them. This homewrecker really needs to learn some respect, worst of all she works with children and will fake pregnancy just to get what she wants. She is vial and ran through, be warned ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t want drama and possibly disease stay away from this girl right here. Hopefully this chick will learn some self respect one day

Willingly Wichita


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this one and only gave me the best night of my life…and the most monster drd in my life..UTA is not on the menu in my world and it shouldn’t be in yours. her name is jessica wasserstein she was like totally cool…telling me everything i wanted to hear and then bang she trades up for a registered offender…and she’s still married at the age of 22..shes married to a 50+ guy and spreads her disease like its crack. Still in my heart but still a dirty little skankzoid. If anyone runs into this once fat but now methed out drug lover and i mean she loves it so much she’ll do anybody and anyone that shows an intense interest in themselves and not her and loves drugs like her SO of a Fake fiance Dustin Dean Stewart then go for it but with this warning you will receive something from her you won’t like. She was supposed to marry my ass but i don’t know now help me nik..Big time fan huge fan. Thx’s

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