2 faced Tortolano


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik Jessica Tortolano is other Lasalle Thot She is best known for flirting with other guys even if she single or not she would text them like it’s nothing. She also known for having so many accounts on different social media.she says the reason why she has so much is because she “forgot the password”. how can someone be so good at taking other girls man but so stupid at remembering her own password? that just goes to show how much of a lair Jess is. you may ask your self how would i know well i would know because i sadly hooked up with this chick.BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life ,she so nasty and hairy.YUCK. Not only was she is not clean in person even online she was dirty she got pictures after pictures.And lets not forget how fake she is in her pictures when she try and i mean REALLY trys to show her “big booty” off in pictures.this girl would try to make her ass look like kim k but in person her ass is non existing. some of them you can find online but if you want more pics just go and ask her .Jessica is also a good lair so be careful,she says she a virgin .

Why so many brushes?- nik

Steve Childbeater Simard


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to introduce Windsor and Essex To Steve Smart. This Guy is the biggest scum walking the face of Earth. Hes a liar and a woman and Childbeater not to mention a drunk. This Dude has 3 or more DUI’s. How the Fuck he had a license is beyond me. He dates woman with children and sits on his ass all day and yells and swears and hits woman and kids. How do I know this??? Cause he tried to choke out my 3 year old daughter and then he punched my 8 year old in the face all while he was drunk. Woman beware if your with this guy good luck ur gonna need it. Hope you got a bat nearby when he gets drunk and tries to beat your ass.

April Guevara Child Abandoner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let’s start from the beginning with this chick. She calls up the father of her children to watch them for the weekend, no problem right? Get this. Abandons them with the clothes on their back, no school papers, birth certificates anything. No phone call to see if their ok, birthdays or any holidays. To this day she doesn’t call and it’s been a year and a half. How sad? What kind of “woman” abandons her children just like that? Anyways she sleeps around kingsville to support her m**h habit. Lies and steals from her family. Not even her own mother wants anything to do with her. Every hotel in kingsville knows her by name and she’s left her stains on their sheets. Thinks she’s so great when she’s nothing but a dirty nasty little hooch. She deserves to be on dirty.com.

Lauren Sloren Taylor


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lauren Taylor of chatham/Blenheim is the biggest s**t of Ontario this c**nt slept with my FIANCÉE while dating a MARRIED man dave Ames. She’s 21 from the Toronto area originally moved down here to work at physiotherapy and to wh**enut up.she knowingly slept with a married man Dave Ames and broke up a family. Dave is 37 she is 21 she won’t even let him see his own children she just uses him to play daddy to her bastard daughter Rosie. She’s broken up marriages and slept with Phil Stevens on the down low this happened while dating Dave.she has N drd her**s and saves wife found outbecause he got a sexualdisease h**pes from this s**t!!! She’s also a c**e wh**e and will FdI for drugs beware of this trash!

Hefner looks like a heffer

2015-09-26 13.38.30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this white trash is my sister. Found out she’s been living with a guy that is married and doesn’t even care. She ruined the marriage by buying him out paying for all his tattoos and his sons stuff. He had other kids but doesn’t provide for them because he’s to busy buying stuff all the time. She has 5 kids, just buy her rolls you can tell and now she has this married man playing daddy to them. She a big slut. She went to catholic central and found out even then she was a slut too. Sorry men if you want a piece of that make sure your dick is big because if you try and go from behind it might get lost with her big ass. She’s a home wrecking whore. I know he lbs been trying to work on his marriage but obviously she can’t count because a marriage has 2 people not 3. Everytime this guy needs something she will get it done for him before her kids needs. She’s always at food banks and looking for food assistance online even tho she makes enough money to buy her own food. She neglects her kids needs. She doesn’t deserve to be a mom especially when she’s putting some guy she’s in love with first before her own fucking kids. Grow the fuck up stacey Hefner. Use the brain you supposedly have and start making the right choices.

Welfare Deadbeat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start, typical scum i may say 18 years, dont go to school and never has, sits on his ass all day pretending to make money off the bunk ass weed when he just smokes away all his profits, really who are you trying to fool? welfare and mommy pay for everything.This dumb ass spent 2 years of his life with a ratchet ass hoe Trinity liorenteas known as lyssa lyssa on facebook this chick never loved him she was just with him for the drugs she played him hard robbed and cheated on him & get this he knew about it the whole time he just stayed with this crossed eye hoe because she was sucking his dick. when he had a girl who was actually down for him he treated her like the dirt people walk and on now shes having his kid while he continues to sit at home f’ b*ches and catch drds HOW BOUT YOU GET A JOB GET A FUCKING EDUCATION STOP F’ING WITH HOES TAKE CARE OF YOUR KID . nothing but a low life, acne invested, small dick havin bitch ass HOE. LADIES if he ever invites you over to his house just know its only because she wants to f you then kick you to the curb .

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