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Chayy Labelle steer clear


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. So this girl is chelsea labelle or chayy labelle this is one of the nastiest bi**hes I have ever met in my 23 years of living. This girl steals girls boyfriends and sends the girls pictures of them kissing and uses guys for money because she is a gold digging hoe ! This girl wears other girls thongs and steals other girls clothes. If you leave your clothes at her house you’ll never get them back, not only clothes she just steals anything she can. She claims to only have slept with one guy but every one in Windsor knows thats a lie. She is crusty. Every thing about her is whore-able. Its devastating, honestly. Her own mother lets her dress like a hoe just so she can bring home money that she makes buy selling herself. She gets a kick out of calling other girls whores when she posts sluty pictures of her just in her bra. She has so many facebooks with different names because one is her whore name and the other ones her real name. She sleeps with anyone and tries to get with every one. Try anything once, not every one ! The reason her last boyfriends left her, shes too easy and her vagina smells. ew. The guy in the second picture was her last boyfriend who left her after they slept together because he never listened and found out how nasty she is. Not to mention she made a sex contract with a 17 year old little boy when shes 21. When theres people around her she always starts trying to twerk even if its your boyfriend in the room, she’ll do anything for dick, she’ll even pay them to suck their dicks. I hope this nasty little girl gets posted so everyone can see who she really is.

No Good Sperm Donor


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, SINCERE LUCIANO. This low life also goes by chase, miah, and jerimiah but his real name is David chasse Bullock. This guy is on some dirty ass hoe shit going around sticking his cock in an p**sy he can get. This guy has kids he don’t even know about! He LOVES manipulating little girls pretending he loves them just so they’ll give him a place to sleep. You cant leave anything around this guy because the minute you turn your head he slips it in his pocket. David is the dirtiest person ive ever met in my life nothing but a broke ass coach hoping scum. Nik i wouldn’t be surprised if he was found dead in a ditch overdosed on meth. GROW UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR GOD DAMN CHILDREN. your nothing but a DEADBEAT FATHER.

Tiffany Smith is a joke


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this women let her daughter cheat on her husband covered up for her so she could continue to cheat on him , then she n the husband finally decided he had enough of Tiffany smiths CHEATING he finally left now he is the one this Smith family will not leave alone . the ex husband check got mailed to her house barb is the mother Owen is TE ex husband ok ! So Owens checks gets mailed to barbs house and Owen called to ask to come get it barb says she will meet him outside of his s bank to drop off the check will when they meet the mom had her other daughter who was PREGANT at the time to hit and smack Owen in the face and head untill he agreed to give them money out of his 50 $ Gst check when he gave in and said yes the daughter mellisa went into the bank wit him and made him stand there Owen wwads not going to hit a PREGANT women or the mother he is a man . this women takes out her anger on her customers at Tim Horton’s, she has been seen spiting in there coffee and the manger there is a family friend with a police officer as a husband who has already been reported many times for doing barbs dirty work and this is suppose to be a mother.

Bottom Feeders

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Josh Taylor and Kimberly Marchand. They are both FILTHY drd infested losers! They live off of ODSP / OW and child tax money, and when that’s not enough kim goes to her parents begging for hand outs cause she’s lazy and purposely chooses not to work. Josh is a woman beater and has already put kim in her place. Josh likes to beat on pregnant women and molest little kids! Kim knows all about this but still kept him around and condones his nasty behaviour! Kim’s older son chose to go live with his dad because even at his very young age he could tell how stupid his mom is, and he didn’t like hearing all the screaming and fighting going on between Josh and Kim! Josh is a closet C**ck head, he smokes pot with kim and kim Breast feeds her baby! Kim and josh like to sit on the dirty all day posting people and making nasty comments about people’s children and comments about molesting children. They think it’s funny to talk about little children being molested. They have pretty much every DRD out there, and they are not at all ashamed of it. Josh sleeps with a new girl every week and kim knows but still let’s him spread diseases to others and more to her. Josh secretly likes men too! His fantasy is to have a guy plow him from behind while he’s banging a girl, he likes to get head from men as well. Kim never really cared too much and was always quick to forgive josh for sleeping around, but I mean you can’t be a hypocrite when your selling your ass on the side as well. These two are the lowest bottom feeders in windsor!

Emo Scene Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is none other then ms Ariel Gariepy, This lady’s edgy emo scene style truly matches her bad side habits. She’s absolutely f’ing disgusting. She’s tries to hard to be hot like most tumblr scene models. But there’s much more behind this face. She has a history of f’ing a lot of men, she will practically open her legs to anything that has a dick ! She has given several b-jobs in her current highschool, she f’s publicly in enclosed areas outdoors, beware of this b**ch she will do anything she can to sleep with men who are taken as well. She cheats on her boyfriend all the time, she is also known to be bisexual. This is one of leamingtons greasiests skanks in the county ! She has a horrible reputation to sext older men, she is only 18 and has a history sleeping with over 21 men at her age. Please expose this BITCH and put her in her lane and for the love of God may her boyfriend find out the true slut she is. She has no morals nor self respect, this girl is infested with diseases.

Jeff Bruyere con artist loser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slimy f’ is Jeff Bruyere also known as Jeff Joly, and I’m praying this gets posted. He is a liar, a cheater, a manipulator and a con artist. He prays on single moms, makes them and their children fall in love with him, even though he has two kids of his own he never sees. He has no issue helping with other children but its a big deal to help out with his own. This guy is a pig, and not very good in bed. He ripped off a girl and her daughter hardcore. He stole her baby bonus laptop and her iPhone. I’m sure someone’s seen the post on Facebook. He has called her every name in the book behind her back but to her face he was fake as fu**. She had no idea until he left her. This girl did a lot for him and did what he asked. He used her, he cheated on her. Ran around the bar on new years hiding from her, asking his ex if he could go with her, then when she caught them talking, he turned it around on the other girl as she cell up to him. He’s a f’ing waste. Now he’s running when wanted by the police for his actions, he’s in London Ontario living with his new girlfriend who doesn’t seem to care what he’s done…. You know, until it happens to her.

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