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Dysfunction Family


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl and her whole family are dysfunctional This is Meagan Subotin but she’ll go by all of her boyfriends names at the time right now it’s Brode her boyfriend is a jail bird cr*ck head who you guessed it is currently in jail and well Meagan she couldn’t handle her two kids alone CAS came and took them thank god you can’t smoke crank n be a good mom , since her mans been in jail she’s fu**ed every guy she’s come in contact with INCLUDING her mans brother she’s a low life loser that everyone should steer clear of Meagan get your shit together you cr*k who*e

Windsors finest Banger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so everyone knows Alexis gibbs .. *AKA lexie *18 years old and been in and out of jail she fights YOUNGER girls that cant defend themselves but shes a “banger” ? Bang with a real one and see whos a banger lol mrs. gibbs loves talking shit and then telling you “were still friends though” .. Bxxxtch ! Thats what you call friends? Claims shes “the shit” but living in her grandmas basment .. Claims she has a job (only works 4 hrs max!) but always running the streets? I dont get it , this hoe spends all her money on Jordans and food lmao how pathetic .. Has time to post everyone else up BUT herself , dkm girl hold on i got you . you send nudes for cash and you STILL have nerve to talk .. I can see where all the food goes to ..that stomach girl GROSS! Lexie stop trying to be cute if you want something to do brush your hair since you wanna call those curls . You look dusty & since you love “turning up ” go “turn up ” on some damn cutness then come talk to me .. “Queen lexie ” ? no ..

Pedophilia with Lena Grenier


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Girl is 37 years old 4 kids and pregnant again So 5 babies 3 baby dad’s!! The father of this new baby just turned 18 yrs old!! She lays on her ass collects welfare, smokes weed all day while her young children do all of the chores in the house!! There’s only one word that describes her TRIFLING!! She doesn’t take care of any of her kids, beats them and now has the neighbourhood punk who’s a little white boy that tries hard to be black! Smh TRASH!! Drives a brand new car and posts pictures of lots of cash and is on WELFARE!! Beware if you have young sons!!!

Lauren Taylor Homewrecking 101


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lauren Taylor who lives outside Chatham/Blenheim is a homewrecking c**t she’s 20 and the man in the photo Dave Ames is 37 shes been sleeping with him since he was married and she knew he was married and continued to ruin his marriage and kids lives.Shes a “physiotherapist” in ctown ho sleeps with men for money and drugs on the side. She also kbowlingly ruined other marriages even while she was sleeping with Dave … While he was married. He also had a three some relationship with Dayna sharp from ctown while cheating on his wife shaunica with Lauren Taylor. Dayba Sharpe is allege preg so she says with max broadbents kid but it’s really Daves.Lauren Taylor also likes to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong and break up relationships, she’s a drama queen and bad news. I know this girls been exposed on here before but she deserves it again. Her daughter Rosie is from a one night stand who she’s not even sure is 100% the father. Keep this girl away from your men. And don’t befriend her she’s q backstabbing s**t who will sleep with your man!

Homewrecking Logan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this home wrecking b**ch Sherry Logan should stay the hell away from married men. She has been sleeping with Chad Davidson for some time now, I hope his wife Linda see’s this and kicks his ugly ass to the curb. Sherry does nothing but sit in her unit and gossip about all of us people in her neighbourhood.

I’ll leave this riddle for the DA.- nik

Nelly Shabo Strippers Degree


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nelly shabo aka cherry is seriously the biggest hoes i know let me tell u why #1 shes chaldean and has put her entire family to shame her brothers dont even admit they have a sister shes a stripper at leopards and a prostitute her rates are 50$ for or*l sex and 100$ for sex see how cheap she is and she thinks shes the best one at leos she got kicked out for fighting (bc shes trashy) and begged for her job back (even tho she told everyone the owner begged for her back) she walks around with her head held so high as if she has some type of degree in her name and she thinks everyone is jealous of her well news flash no one wants ur life and no one wishes they were you no one at leos likes u ask any stripper that works there how much they cant stand her ugly ass face go keep removing ur moles and injecting ur lips as if it’ll make u look decent nasty ass trash bag


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