MaxineX Windsor Pornstar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Windsor’s very own porn star goes by the name MaxineX lemme tell you why shes a dirty f’ing sluty ass  shes married with kids and owns a sex store in windsor and does porn for a living and on top of that she comes to devonshire mall all the time i cant believe she can show her dirty drd infested face in public and is so public about her porn life i hope ur kids get away from u bc u dont deserve to have kids mother

This is a rat cas caller


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick right here thinks she know everything. She loves to steal other men she has like four different boyfriends right now. She says is she is psw well wouldn’t a psw know its not right to me*h well being pergo just saying. She loves to call the cops when things don’t her way. She crya about everything you look at her the wrong way she is crying like a lil bi**h. She also calls cas on people so be careful of her she like to steal and dumpster dives for things she is someone who isn’t allowed around animals. She is a home wearker saying I’m not trying to get with him I’m helping him but yet again she sleeps with them. Anyway Im saying Windsor be careful of her I don’t see anyone get cas called on them for no reason or over something stuip or the cops called on them if she really knew what her man does behind her back she wouldn’t be like this oh ya by I know she put at least two of boyfriend in jail can calles the cops on them why they stay I don’t know u have been warned by the way her name is Vanessa Lai or as she says Vanessa Nestor

Worst Mother Ever


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is once again Sabrina Clark! She is the most dirtiest woman in Windsor!!! When she was younger she claimed her stepdad raped her for 10 years… She has always been a CAS case as she grew up in the system as well. This slut has 6 kids, first is her step dads and the next two are Randy Labelles then Josh Katzman and the last one is some losers that beat her up while she was preganent and sleeping around. She always will eat p**sy if you get her drunk enough. She runs around claiming that she has changed her life mean while she is causing more n more drama for people who dont even care for her…. Back a couple years ago she let J. Turpin beat on her kids and treat then like s*it, just so she could shoot up. Its funny she posted my friend on here saying he had “drd” for 12 years…… Well how would she know n not him???? She musta already had them. Well windsor if you have slept with Sabrina Marie Clark you now have drds, and who knows what else

Trailer Trash of Windsor


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not sure how to begin with this girl. Her name is Rachel Burgstaler. The first and only time I met her she invited me over knowing it was an easy lay. I get there and all her 5 kids are awake. Thinking I just got cock blocked she sends them to bed at like 6pm, brings me down to her basement, she rolls a joint and we begin to bang in the basement, smoking weed with her kids upstairs. This girl is so blown out,and smelt like a sewage plant. I left asap. After telling my friends about her they told me things that were so true. She’s got 5 kids with 3 different baby daddy’s. Every new guy she meets, has her kids call him dad. She’s been on welfare her whole life just sits around on fb waiting for a new person to be daddy. She will never smile because her teeth are worst then her p**y. .She uses her familywwhen ever she needs sh*t.

Reginald Ratchet


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this discusting Hoodrat is nothing but drama. She talks sh*t about how nasty strippers are but somehow forgot she did the most and cheapest extras . Josslyn you will NEVER amount to anything in life you will always be that whore suckin d*ck for $30. You need keep your legs closed and take your damn valtrex and stop spreading your discusting drd to every man who gives you attention. Im sure your kids will be happy to know there mother did rub& tugs at 14 and became a straight hoe after that . keep your tryphlin ass in reginald if you got something to say you where im at xo.

Kim is the lover

2015-09-02 13.34.33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kimberly Marchand, she is infested with Drd. She contracted the Drd gift that keeps on giving from Josh Taylor as well as tric****asis from Josh cheating on her with several women, all whom he meets off pof. She keeps taking him back even though for 4 years now he continues to cheat on her regularly. They have had tric for over a year now cause they keep passing it back and forth! This girl lost her son to cas for a while because she refused to put her son first and instead stood by Josh who has been accused of molestation in the past on a child and is also a perpetrator of domestic violence on women! This c*nt face has never worked a day in her life!! She lives off her parents and the government. She is also sits on the dirty all day posting people and comments running her mouth! She is responsible for “windsor trash”, Tammy Blais, Denise trealout, Sabrina Clark and many more recent posts! She also smokes Marijuana while Breast feeding her youngest son! She forces josh to pick between her and her kids or his other children! She’s a rotten person inside and out and she always blames all the women for sleeping with her man when it’s her man being a nasty wh*re. Time for this trash p*ssy to taste her own medicine!

Photoshop is all about consistency.- nik

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