Racism Needs To Stop


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m sick of seeing racism all around the world it’s 2015, don’t we have to overcome this at some point in life?  Racism has already come a long way but then there’s still the bunch of ignorant people that think they know everything speaking out about aboriginals and blacks… anyone but white people and its just annoying… it’s sick and it’s disrespectful so for the people that are still racist just stop you weren’t born this way you were taught to be this way!!!

I wonder if the Aliens have racism on their planet?- nik

Josh Chellew thief and deadbeat father


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic quief is Josh Chellew. He is a deadbeat who doesn’t pay his child support and had another child on the way with yet another accidental pregnancy before his first kid turned 1. He has attacked many people in his life because he’s a whale and blubbernaut. He’s huge he looks like he’s the one having the kids. He’s also a thief and steals from his employers. Not to mention a druggie and alcoholic to the worst extent. Free advice stop attacking everyone. You’re nothing special or significant yourself. You threaten women and children. God Josh you’ve gotten huge and more pathetic the older you get. He’s cheated on every woman also, flabbergasted he’s not been previously posted.

Adrianas BF Doesn’t Know


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Adrianna Desiree goes by double D on backpage this nasty whore is originally from Winnipeg and moved to Calgary because supposably she couldn’t make enough money here she acts all the because she has big ol saggy tits and rants around Calgary how much she’s been through but doesn’t do anything to fix it. I caught her sleeping with my boyfriend NOW EX for money and she also gave him go***a and cla***ia he blames He slept with her because he was so drunk and told him she don’t f’ for free wells news flash fat b**ch quit sleeping with guys for money passing around your raunchy balogna hole giving guys diseases to give to there girlfriends you Nasty b**ch go find a real job and get an education instead of worrying about being lavish and self centred hard working people get what they earn I guess you’ll never know since all you know how do is sleep with geezers black men and peoples husbands I HOOE YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND WHO YOU USE AS A SUGAR DADDY CAUSE YOUR BROKE AND CANT GET OFF UR ASS SEES THIS ugly slut.

Sydney Daddy Issues Anderson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slut flirts with every guy on campus using them to get answers, she has zero friends and is just a pity tag-along for her high school friends. She had like 6 DRDs in the past 2 years and she is greasy AF, oil all over her fat face and large stretchmarks over her belly . She been a failure all her life where and has extreme daddy issues (dating guys in their 50s for their pension). This girl in Asper (after failing U1 and science) and works at Tony Romos at Pembina (only once a week lol). Makes sense since her face is a 4 and her body is a 0 (flat chest, flat butt, hairy body).

Chantel Jones loses again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Chantel you get what you deserves you lose. Don`t act like it is a surprise that your babies daddy left your sorry ugly gross looking troll looking ass. What the hell are wrong with your eyes the bags or circles are horrific you look sick. He got sick of your whining and bitching and complaining he said your ugly inside and out. Your relationship was over along time ago. Don`t go called the girl he is with a home wrecker, you destroyed your own relationship. He must of got sick of you threatening to keep his kids from him, and you threatening to hurt yourself enough is enough. Gotta laugh because I know of many times he tried to leave you and ended up with other woman. You must have no self esteem to continue to go back to him after all the betrayal. You are getting what you deserve karma has come full circle. You say your an independent woman LMFAO please you sit your ass on Welfare and collect huge child tax cheques for your so call tribe. As for your mom suck it up everyone loses some one they care about what you think your mom matter more than Cecil’s dad, please your mom helped destroy how many lives when she was getting rid of all those drugs and having her daughters help her she is a disgrace for involving you girls in that, I guess it was her time to go karma always comes full Circle.

Moldy Old Bar Rag


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nikki Dorman – Winnipeg’s oldest bar rag. She’s polished every knob in the city. She spends her off hours in dive bars, fetish clubs and orgies. She’s an embarrassment to her kids and grandkids. News flash, when you start collecting old age benefits, it’s time to retire the g-string. She’s going to trip somebody with those stretched out tube socks she calls tits.

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