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Dawna Rae Wall Sucks


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ugly attitude & personality, This dumb broad thinks she’s god’s gift to earth.. just because she started working at Trashy Teasers Burlesque Palace. Dawna complains about guys wanting her/ creeping on her.. b**ch, no wonder why! you add every guy on Facebook from Winnipeg! She feeds off their attention they give her, obviously! The way she treats me the people on her Facebook is absolutely ridiculous, she can’t take a joke or a compliment. Poor girl needs help! I feel bad for you girl and no I’m not “jealous” of you. You’re attitude just disgusts me and it’s time for it to be put on BLAST and look how UGLY she used to be (still is on the inside).

You Caught a Pedo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Congratulations Nik they used a stock photo from your website for this sick f*ck. You really do a good service with your website. (click here for article) “City police have laid 50 more charges against a man already in custody accused of sex crimes involving children. Kevin John Rose, 42, has been charged with nine counts of luring, three counts of obtaining sexual services from someone under 18, seven counts of voyeurism, and numerous other prostitution and child pornography related offences. Police arrested Rose in custody Oct. 2 following a lengthy investigation that resulted in the identification of one alleged adult female victim and six underage female victims. Rose was arrested last March on charges he had been pimping a 17-year-old girl and had befriended a 13-year-old girl on social media, violating a court order he have no contact with children under 16. Police alleged Rose promoted the 17-year-old girl as an online escort and let her use his home to meet with johns in November and December of 2014. During the same time period, Rose befriended the 13-year-old girl and chatted about drinking alcohol and taking drugs while making plans to meet. No meeting ever took place. In May 2011, Rose was sentenced to the double-time equivalent of 52 months in prison after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography and breaching a court order he not contact a 13-year-old girl and not use the Internet.

I do good work.- nik

Free advice Dana Tucker & Jason Tucker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slore is Dana Tucker. She went to the UofW and graduated with a degree in political science. She is always offering “free advice” and correcting everyone’s grammar or some bs political rant on fb, because she thinks she’s the smartest. She was working for the province of Manitoba, but they no longer want her back. She would be on Facebook at work or gossip about her coworkers, trying to be a cool girl. She got knocked up by this East Indian loser to try to trap him with a baby. That kid probably isn’t even his, since she sucked and f’ed half of the East Indian community along with her bed bug infested apartment block, hell she has f’ed her own brother Jason. After his wife threw him away like trash. Those two incestual pigs like to stick their noses where they don’t belong. Dana is a massive whale with a huge gunt. A few of us are still on her Facebook page and decided she should be put in her place. She’s ugly old washed up very fat, and not as cool or as smart as she thinks she is. Here is some “free advice” shut up, close you’re legs, stop talking shit about your previous employer and co workers and keep your mouth shut. Dana Tucker, you’ve always been a fat loser, and a slut who will sleep with anything that will give you attention. Oh and Go get a job.

Midget Things


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jayme Twiss was already blasted once but were gonna do it again just cause shes that nasty. She likes to be very very sneaky and have 4-5 guys on the go and play them all hot and cold use them for free drugs like weed, molly, pepsi, c**ck, and then will come crying to you cause she thinks shes some sort of queen sh*t if she doesnt have her way. She thinks she can boss everyone around meanwhile her voice is just enough to drive you insane itself, but then she will tell you that shes only had sex with 2 people when i could list more then 2 people right now. She parties, she a booty call and a half away, you can hit her up at Tavern United in down town portage just about every night, so if you need an easy lay? Im sure she need some extra cash? Or you could also hit up her facbook Jayme-lynn Twiss to get some crazy midget action.

I wonder if they use a stepping stool or a broom handle.- nik

Little fat Italian tony tino


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This guy is agostino, goes by tino, he will try to come on to strong and tell u he loves you, but be where that he is just a conartist who prays on women. He will suck u dry for money, when all he talks about is how rich he is but nik, he lives at home in parents basement and drives a shity car. He thinks he’s cool driving around selling drugs which he will give u a few free lines of pepsi if u give him a blow job, on his stinky gross dick which he needs to shave! Nik this guy will forc him self on you if u say no to sex. This guy needs to be blasted.

Racism Needs To Stop


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m sick of seeing racism all around the world it’s 2015, don’t we have to overcome this at some point in life?  Racism has already come a long way but then there’s still the bunch of ignorant people that think they know everything speaking out about aboriginals and blacks… anyone but white people and its just annoying… it’s sick and it’s disrespectful so for the people that are still racist just stop you weren’t born this way you were taught to be this way!!!

I wonder if the Aliens have racism on their planet?- nik

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