Dosed Up Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY Nik, this is brittany mckinney also known as beemckinney on face book This dirty slut here f’ed my friend when she had a bf and my friend had a dose. Her exs say she’s a slut. She walks around acting like her sh*t don’t stank. When she’s just a fat bi**h who only flaunt her tits around. She is a real slut had a few doses well allot. And she’s a shitty person. She’s a bum though who sleeps around with any guy she can get who will spend money on her. All she does is drink idk if she has kids though I think she does look at her. Just a gross body and ugly face she weres ten pounds of makeup to look cute and then she’s still ugly no ass and is spreading her doses around. Stop being a slut and fucking guys you meet online you dirty whore. And take care of ur kids if u have any stupid whore.

Jason Driedger Legit Pedo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there is not much more to say about this sick, twisted, demented, kiddie diddler! His paper work speaks for it self!!! People are always unsure if what is being posted about people is true or not, well you can’t argue with actual court documents. It says what he was charged with, found guilty of and his sentence. Which is total BULLSHIT!! He made a “porno” with a 9 year old girl. He was found guilty of MAKING child pornography, and possessing child pornography. His fat ugly pig of a wife knew this was going on in her home right under her nose and did NOTHING to stop it or help these kids and stood by him when he was charged and convicted so as far as I’m concerned Caroline Driedger is just as guilty and just as sick

Pregnant Hagen


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here we have Samantha the pregnant whale. She has kids already who aren’t in her care, she’s dating some guy who has a kid and she’s playing mommy role to her bfs kid. She starts trouble anywhere , she’s a attention seeker. She edits her make up and pushes her boobs up for pictures lmao she’s so ugly she didn’t know how to put on make up before she started hanging out with Shaylene Hagen!!!! Shaylene use to talk mad shit bout her too saying her eyebrows were ugly and that Sam was a fat whale with kids!!!! Sam lives off her bf and his family! She thinks she’s tough right now cause she’s pregnant and cause she’s FAT !!!!!! Please stop posting pictures with ur chin lowered and your boobs sticking out you look hideous!!!

Stop Flaunting your Squish


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 30 yr old welfare bum spends the taxpayers money on eyeliner, hair dye, and tacky tattoos. She dyes her hair from black to blonde every second week. She squishes into teeny bopper clothes from forever 21 when she’s pushing 300 lbs. her saggy boobs are all you see in her profile pictures. She had a baby with some 18 yr old kid. Pedo. Someone burn all her low cut tops, leggings and bikinis. Oh wait that’s all she owns, that’s seriously the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen. And who gets their babies name tattooed on their boobs? Gross. It’s pretty obvious from the hundreds of pictures she posts of herself that she thinks she’s hot sh*t. Plus she captions her pictures as “feeling sexy.” Since when are flab rolls, saggy boobs And over processed hair attractive? Seriously try not to vomit on yourself when you look at her bikini picture. Disgusting. Grow up, get a job, and stop having kids! And stop dying your hair before it falls out!

That tan line is hilarious.- nik

Chelsea Will Do It With Anyone


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is Chelsea Wallbridge, she will give it away to anyone, after awhile it gets boring basic sex. At the moment she is with this nasty dude named Aaron “molly” Sinclair, whom supposedly has DRDs and banged this chick who has Hep C and im sure he isnt always safe. she has kids with 2 different guys. if you know her and have a chance dont get fooled this girl will give it up like a lady of the night..but for free! hope its all worth it!

Janelle Lynn Valentine Will Have A Hard Time Finding A Real Job


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here we have here another “escort”/back page prostitute who can’t work hard for her money, and is probably too demoralized to even have an education. Janelle Lynn Valentine, sweetie… selling your body to old geezers isn’t going to get you far or earn you respect as a woman.  I guess being addicted to percocets is actually getting to your head!  Everyone who know’s you knows you sell yourself out of a whore house also known as MINX SPA in Toronto, Ontario with Aryton Spence, good luck with having a real job or post secondary education. No one will take you seriously in the long run.

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