When Did Picasso Get Fat


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know you love us DirtyPeggers and I thought you might like to know that Picasso (Esjay Craigie) has gained quite a bit of weight. Do you think shes packed on these extra pounds to get a brazilian butt lift? She must be so pissed that Sarah Kuzyk has stolen her crown that she’s been stuffing her face with donuts. Whatdya think?

Ass injections gone wrong.- nik

Cassandra Cass Is Something Special

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I want to see what the haters have to say about actress, performer, post-op transwoman Cassandra Cass?!?!  Are you going to seriously suggest that any man who finds her attractive is gay?  Cause she is incredible and next to nothing.  She is in her own league.

This just proves that dudes can have better bodies than chicks.- nik

NRP — Brittney Guzman Is A Little Person

Nik Richie finally fulfills a life dream and speaks to a little person. Brittney Guzman of Little Women: LA comes on NRP and discusses her challenges in life as a Little. She goes in depth about her battles with Kylie Jenner and her working career with Miley Cyrus — Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Happy Birthday Nik Richie


I’m 37 years old today. I have beautiful kids, a loving wife, a supportive family and amazing friends. I truly have the best and BLESSED life. Thank you for embracing my visions and I love you.- nik

The Real Arnela Nikšić

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I find it so ironic that the girl who cried wolf and excused the world of being “out to get her” grew up to be a hooker! This girl legit spends 85% of her time in the Cincinnati airport running off from city to city sucking gregs for her pimps. I was recently doing my stalking on thedirty, and I noticed everyone keeps sharing photos of Nela when she has enhanced her assets.. Well here I have some photos where you can see Nela just being regular ole Nela. Also included in the photos is one of her “Men” I don’t know if it’s her pimp or if it’s one of her customers. Does anyone recognize this dude?

Arnela is the biggest liar I have ever met in my life.- nik

Thoughts on WWE Diva Eva Marie

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, any thoughts on WWE Diva Eva Marie? I think she is hot as you know what bit she really sucks at being a wrestler. She can’t wrestle and has no charisma at all. She should just give it up and do porn.

Not digging the clown hair. Eva you would be much prettier with brunette hair.- nik

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