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Marina Zinga The Manipulative Psychopath

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Marina Zinga. She will suck your Greg and rob you dry. This past two months have been intense. Her ex boyfriend Kyle Mcaurthur just got out of jail. She was terrified because he was out but sure as hell she was back on his Greg for a week.

After that didn’t work out Marina Zinga started dating someone else (David Shadwell). She needed to as she said and I quote “hide from him- he’s been abusing me again.” But that’s not all that was happening. Marina has been popping xanax like candy, she said “5 a day” but it dosen’t stop there!! Marina loves drinking and doing drugs and did I mention she’s a babysitter? She’s been high on the job, there have been complaints from parents of her sleeping and the kids in hurt situations.Continue Reading


Las Vegas Call Girl Cerena Naylor Shows Up With Kids

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I saw Cerena Naylor on back-page… sexy cute and sounded like she was not a pro P4P… long story short… we agree to meet and she shows up at my hotel with a stroller (6 month old baby) and another child. I’m not into that sh*t. And then she asked me to watch her kids while she showered… 45 minutes later she is throwing up blood in my tub and I walk in to find out that she wants $300 or I am going to get my ass beat??

OP you are a nice man. I would have claimed fire hazard as soon as I saw the stroller.- nik


Toxic Maniac on the Loose — Trevor Bishop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, love the work this site has to offer. Love the new Dirty Army tags glad to see you’re well. Add this toxic maniac on the loose to the list. Nik and the DA, meet Trevor Bishop. Like many here in the Kentucky area, in deep, deep love with the dope. This work of art loves dope so much that he’s willing to steal and drive cars without insurance and license plates, while already high on dope, with a driver’s license already suspended, and with the headlights turned off at night while he drives (or at least attempts to) across the river to meet his dope man so he can get hooked up with the dope he loves so much.

So much to where when he’s driving, he’ll run people and drivers off the streets as he’s already high as he’ll with the headlights turned off, thinking everything is going to be cool (in KY, it’s known as Wanton Endangerment-basically he’s out to hurt or endanger someone on purpose doing all of this). He’s so much in love with this that he did all this the same night he got released from the Kenton County Detention Center after he got placed on parole after being charged with two counts of possession of the ONE drug he enjoys so much; heroin.

Continue Reading


Annette C of Chicago, Illinois

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Annette from Underground. She plays the good girl card but is really Chicago’s bicycle — every man has had a ride! Thanks for the DRD Annette! Brett, you would be a fool to not get tested!

Underground is still in business … the hardcore drug market will never die in Chitown.- nik


April McGrath of Sacramento, California

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sleeve April McGrath cheated on her boyfriend of two years with multiple dudes. Her lower part stinks like rotten fish. She says she’s into yoga and health but is all doped up on prescription pills. If you see April stay clear.

Ugh the armpit of California is back in my life. And April has the face of Adam. I decided.- nik


Courtney Stodden Goes On Sugar Daddy Date

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, your fake favorite Courtney Stodden is moving on from Doug Hutchinson and meeting Sugar Daddies online! On June 23, Stodden was paid $3,000 to meet a Sugar Daddy from WYP. The two met for dinner and drinks at Spago in Beverly Hills. Stodden wore a metallic dress paired with a nude robe.

I keep telling Scooby this is a layup and I can get a (discounted) monthly rate for meaningless love, but he won’t pull the trigger.- nik