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Scottsdale Watch Out For This Gold Digger Mary Nevarez

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is totally trying to be a Scottsdale floozy. She has been sleeping with her boss for quite a few months now. They have been trying to keep it discrete (this guy just had a baby 5 months ago with his ex). This chick is a total floozy though! She was in a long relationship with her ex bf (quite a few years) and supposably she just up and left him for this guy.

She also cheated on her ex one night we were out and slept with other guys I’m sure. I bet the boss is helping her out- lets say $$. Figure I might as well help them bring out the news to everyone since they are to shy and trying to keep it discrete. Her name is Mary Nevarez, also goes by Marisela. She works at Natural Results by North Valley as a patient concierge, check her out! Just in case you need her IG account its lillamb23, sure you can figure out the Dr. One thing to note for you guys, keep it wrapped!

I can’t figure out the Doctor. Next time please include him. This isn’t a game of Clue, it’s a game of true love.- nik


Nik, Please Help Me!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know this girl from Australia, she’s currently in America. Casie Dunstan used to have no ass at all, and now she has one. I know you say huge Kardashian style bums are out. But I need your help. You had a website that never really went global in terms of your plastic surgeon recommendation. I’ve had +2’s but I am from Australia and I am desperate to know where can I go and what can I do to get a nice bum because honestly it’s flat and no amount of squats fix it and I am too thin for fat transfer. I am a size 4. Please Nik, bring back your plastic surgery website and include everything. I just want to look in proportion and I have always agreed with your views 10000% And please come to Australia 🙌🏼.

Unless I see an image of your ass, I cannot help you. I hate when people say I want an ass/rack/etc like ‘this person’– it doesn’t work like that. I see things in symmetry, not plumps. Adding fat usually ends in disaster because it will need to be removed within 3 seasons… unless you give up and have sex with black guys for the remainder of your 20’s and 30’s. Also, your chest increase directly effects the way your ass is perceived to the public.- nik


Jenna is that you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, was out at a bar recently and saw a woman who looked like Jenna Jameson. Is this her?

Looks more like Brad Pitt from the move Troy.- nik


The Hottest Model At #SwimWeek — The Beach Bunny Miami Fashion Show

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m sure you watched the Beach Bunny fashion show. It’s the only reason people come to Miami for Swim Week. Two things:

1) Is side cleavage making a comeback?
2) Who do you think was the hottest model on the runway last night?

Cheers Mr. Richie. Your wisdom is unparalleled.

Side cleavage is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. When you say ‘comeback’– that’s an insult to +2’s around the world. The Forgy designers dictate the sides of a plate… it really depends on their mood for the season. If it were up to me, the Summer of Side would be all year round… I don’t hate the straights. And for your second question- Samantha Hoopes won the game of life last night.- nik

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Don’t Get It Twisted

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So I read that Aaron Carter recently got into trouble with the police (more on that here) for having a DUI, drugs on him, etc. His older brother Nick Carter decided to express his support/concern by sending a message out towards Aaron through twitter/Instagram. Aaron completely shuts down his brother’s effort saying if you were really concerned about me, give me a call instead of using me to make a post about you using social media (more on that here). I completely agree with Aaron. Posting a concern about a particular person for the world to see never replaces reaching out to them personally and privately like through a simple phone call. If it’s really about the other person’s well being then don’t get it twisted with using social media to show how much you care. Are you trying to show the world or are you trying to show the person that you care? Nik, what are your thoughts about people using social media in this type of way? I personally think those who do are complete fools hungry for attention and approval from the rest of the world.

It’s getting disgusting. My friends are using DM on IG to speak with me instead of calling or even texting. It’s so weird… the world is becoming hermits, and if they do anything publicly, it’s for likes. Nick’s play was a press release off his brother’s misery. It probably got mad RT’s.- nik


Imposter of US Military — Jeff Alan Hanson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please expose Jeff Alan Hanson, 32 years of age living in Mount Vernon, Washington is a US Military FRAUD! He scams women by building their trust and draining their bank accounts. He is an impostor of the US Military. Jeff is a Drug Addict and will go to any lengths to get hid next fix. He’s unemployed and cannot keep a job if his depended on it. He will get other people involved to preserve the lies he’s a manipulating sociopath. Jeff claims to be a suffering Vet, he is even pathetic enough to get Military Discounts where ever he can. He will tell you his war stories, show you his war wounds none of it is real. BUYER BEWARE.

Sounds like a dude I know who wears military cargo pants daily, but has never been in combat. The poser life- when you start believing your own delusions.- nik