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Emma Watson Loves and Hates Social Media

Emma Watson at The World Premiere of The Circle at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. While she interestingly lamented about why she wanted to take part in the movie- claiming it was “something I needed to do”– she had some very interesting things to share regarding social media.

“I see social media as kind of like a superpower,” Watson shared. “It has great power, but with that comes great responsibility. That’s kind of how I see it. It can do great good and it can do great evil.”

We’ve seen both sides of social media, and she has quite a valid point. It’s truly the best modern-day example of a love-hate relationship.

While most celebrities love social media for the way they’re able to use it, it’s interesting to hear a celeb talking about the negative things that can come from it.


Brett Ratner Needs A Shower

Brett Ratner recently showed up for Wolfgang Puck‘s Star Ceremony Celebration on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While it’s nice for Wolfgang to get the support of some well known people in Hollywood, it seems like Ratner needs a shower. Stat.

He even mentions how he’s “sweaty” which -if we’re being gentle- is simply gross.

Brett, take a shower before your next red carpet appearance. You’ll feel better. Trust us. We’re professionals.


Zach Braff – Don’t Use Your Friends As Wingmen

The paparazzi caught Zach Braff outside of Catch Restaurant in West Hollywood, California, and spoke to him about his time with a friend who tried to act as a wingman for him to pick up a woman.

“It was very bizarre,” Braff shared. “He wasn’t a very good wingman.”

“He tried to be a wingman,” he said of his friend. “He meant well. He was a little rusty at his wing-manning skills.”

While we appreciate the term “wing-manning,” Zach, come on. You’re a talented actor and writer. You definitely should be able to pick up women without using a wingman. You totally scored with your wife… we’re sure no wingman was necessary.


Larry King Loves Wolfgang Puck

Recently, famous chef Wolfgang Puck was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Larry King appeared to give a speech about him.

King shared many kind words about Puck, including crediting him for making Los Angeles have great food.

“Wolfgang Puck started a trend,” King explained. “He made Los Angeles a great place to dine. A great place to have food. He put a stamp on it and others followed. And now I would say this city ranks with the best in the world of restaurants. And if you had to point to one man who started it all and still does it, it’s Wolfgang Puck.”

“So in the true definition of the word star,” King added, “Wolfgang Puck is a star.”

While the Hollywood Walk of Fame is filled with many big names, it’s quite an honor for Wolfgang Puck to obtain a star there and to have such an important broadcaster like Larry King give a speech about you.

Congrats, Wolfgang!


Nina Dobrev Avoids Paparazzi – And, This Time, We Get It

While we’re not a big fan of celebrities avoiding paparazzi, as we kind of feel like it comes with being famous, we’re giving Nina Dobrev a pass on this one.

When Dobrev was spotted outside of Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, California, and, while she seemed intent on avoiding the paps, when they asked a ridiculous question, we understood why.

The specific question was “Do they have tooth condoms for Vampires?” and, after that, Dobrev got in her car… and we totally agree with the move.

The question was ridiculous, and we think she made the right move to ditch it. Like we said, we’re giving her a pass- this time.


Barry Manilow Seems Happier

Barry Manilow recently stepped out of a car to meet fans at HMV Oxford St in England… and he looks really happy.

Manilow recently made headlines for coming out, and while he always seemed happier, we’re sure this is a weight off of his shoulders, as he can now live completely openly.

We’re always happy to see people living their truths, and know how hard it can sometimes be to do so on a public arena.

Clearly, his fans are cheering him on, though, and that’s got to feel good. Way to go, Barry.