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Christine Ruffolo — Dirty floozy

Christine Ruffolo — Dirty floozy

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Christine Ruffolo through sa. It’s a site for men looking for women to date at the same time, I would take care of her financially while she pleasures me as needed. Well, she was not pleasing at all. I thought I could trust her, but she lied to me, she said she was clean but was not clean at all. I caught a DRD from her. Also, I was not pleased with her attitude nor her excessive use of pepsi and alcohol. She couldn’t even get me off. most boring floozy I ever been with. Just a warning to any others who may encounter the seductive twit. When she reads this, she knows there is no way I could know her real name, sometimes you just don’t realize who your dealing with.



Calli Vandera — Sh1tty Mother

Calli Vandera — Sh1tty Mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. This girl just recently had a baby thinking everyone for got how she drank During her pregnant and did pills.. she is a trash a55 b1tch and racist! Her and her little No good friends who knew she was pregnant and still let her drink & drank with her in one of the photos I’m gonna post was taken in June she was drunk at the club I seen her to and she proceeded to say she was not Drunk also said she was not pregnant hat she had lost her baby.. but 2 months ago suddenly she pops out a kid??? Doesn’t make sense anyways this white trash slore dates this guy name Austin bone ain’t even her baby daddy also a piece of sh1t and part of her drinking and doing pills while pregnant. I just find it funny how she has her kid now so she thinks she’s perfect and her names cleared for what she did to her baby in her belly at the time. And for the racist post Callie your nothing but trailor trash honey no offence & your daughters name Charlie ? Really Lmaoo typical white Person ugly ahah anyways next time think about your actions And words don’t think because you became a mother when you shouldn’t have bcus your really a piece of sh1t that we forgot about your horrible a55 lucky no one shot you again for that mouth pft ! Ps go find your real Baby daddy you sloot ! And Austin you can do better bud why you with this no colour donky riding a55


Sarah Barbeau Rises from the dead

Sarah Barbeau Rises from the dead

For background please view the original post in question—>   Sarah Barbeau: Brandon’s Biggest Sloot


FROM THE DIRTY STAFF: As a courtesy in certain situations thedirty.com will remove the post of an individual who has passed away. We extend this courtesy to allow family and friends the opportunity to mourn their loved ones in peace.  All that we ask is the person making the request submit the link to the obituary for verification.

Every so often we will get unscrupulous individuals who will submit removal requests for people who are 100% still alive. After asking for proof they fade away never to be heard from again.

Over the course of two weeks we were contacted by an Elisa Griffin-Boily and Severin Koerner who repeatedly lied to us about the passing of Sarah Barbeau. We will be doing a separate writeup about each individual documenting the specific lies and fabrications they sent to us.

The worst part about this is that the above individuals used a real persons death to help cover their lies.  In October of 2016 a mother of seven passed away in Winnipeg in what was a very real tragedy.


We responded to their requests with what should have been very simple questions. Like “why don’t the names match” or “why does this person look like a completely different woman”.  Elisa Griffin-Boily and Severin Koerner responded even more aggressively and swore that the individual they sent us was in fact Sarah Barbeau. We decided to remove the post on the 1% chance that they were being truthful. We did warn them that if we found out they were lying we would document the whole incident.

Fast forward a few weeks and with the help of THE DIRTY ARMY and the legal team, we are 100% certain that Sarah Barbeau is ALIVE.

Read the next few posts to read more details.






Severin Koerner: Lies to theDirty Staff about his female “friend” who is NOT dead

Severin Koerner: Lies to theDirty Staff about his female “friend” who is NOT dead

THE DIRTY STAFF:  The Dirty Army, please meet Severin Koerner.  Not so smart Severin Koerner decided to team up with his not so smart friend Elisa Griffin-Boily and make up a lie that their friend Sarah Barbeau died in a tragic car accident. After a thorough investigation that took over a month we found out that Severin Kaoerner’s female “friend” Winnipeg’s Sarah Barbeau  is alive and well.

Check out our conversation with Mr. Severin Koerner:

Here is the link in the text for you to check: https://passages.winnipegfreepress.com/passage-details/id-239635/SANDERSON_SARAH

We respond as follows:

Severin’s answer:

and another email:

We did the removal but we kept researching:

Steven seems very happy.  A happiness that was cut short.