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Sasha Earl of Scottsdale, Arizona

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Sasha Earl… This wretched chick is the reason why strippers get a bad reputation. As you can probably see, she is fake from head to toe physically. EVERYTHING on the girl is phony from the shoddy fake spray tan to the hideous duck lips. At some point, she may have been a man, presumably due to the over-bearing masculine facial features, extremely deep voice, & massive shoulders.

She is one of those girls who doesn’t ever go to work, but then complains that they can’t afford their bills. Assuming most of her collected cash goes to meth, she finds other ways of coming up with funds. But here is the best part… she is also a mother! She does not live with her oldest child due to her being a total train wreck, & complains she can’t afford formula for her youngest.

She gets off on screwing taken & married men while most likely spreading disease around Scottsdale. Not to mention, it seems like she is constantly pregnant! She just had a child this past year & has no idea who the father is & just two months ago, she was pregnant again! And not to my surprise, she didn’t’t know who the sperm donor was in that case either! She did have an abortion apparently & thank goodness she did because I’m not sure her lady parts could get any more ravaged than they already are! This girl does not deserve to have her kids or any pity from anyone. She needs to get it together!

Anybody in Scottsdale know what happened to Picture Lady. I’m just curious if she’s dead yet. I’m trying to do the math in my head… I’m guessing she’s around 76 years old now. I miss our conversations at PCL when we would talk about how much 944 magazine (RIP) was screwing her.- nik


UPDATE: Jasmine Lenko From VanDirty

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this little girl needs a huge wake up call. Jasmine Lenko has been P4P since she was in her late teens, she tells her friends that she “doesn’t sleep with any of her clients” (that’s what every escort in Vancouver says) and that these men are flying her around and paying her just for her time and to hang out. Does she actually think anyone believes this?

She thinks she’s better then every other girl because she got butt implants. She’s had multiple procedures done because the are so botched and they still look terrible! Nobody thinks you look any better than before just because you got a hunk of plastic put into your flat little boy ass. Get more tattoos to cover up all your nasty scars from all your botched surgeries. Do you ever wonder why your still single?

VanDirty coming in hot… whoever the chick on the left is- she would be so much hotter as an amputee.- nik

UPDATE: Jasmine’s Mom has responded…


The Search For Solos

As I get the structure back to Dirty Scottsdale- I’m in desperate need of new Solo (surname from Red Cups) girls.

I need two women who know how to read. Preferably between the ages of 21-22. I’m looking for one blonde and one brunette.

Job requirements:

  1. Moderating comments
  2. Wear summer clothes in the winter
  3. Personal assistants to the Lamas-Richie family
  4. Flexible to travel the world to be the Dirty Army ambassadors
  5. No kids
  6. Be camera ready 24-7

I’ll think of more but these are the basics. This is a real job! I’m going to start the search in our dominant markets. I will be traveling to different nightclubs searching for you… so hit the gym.- nik

**Dirty Army- if you want to recommend college candidates or fresh faces please feel free to submit them.