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Ashley James – Can Predict the Weather

Is it just me or is it getting colder by the image … slide right to see what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t know who Ashley James’ is – shame on you. Remember we posted her HERE (you’re welcome).

Oh and thank you Instagram for stealing my slider styling. Appreciate it.



Ariel Winter – Is Sofia The First And Last

Why is Ariel Winter a thing?

Here she is outside Delilah Nightclub in West Hollywood with the worst eyelashes I’ve ever seen in my life. What are those things? Can she levitate when she blinks? I’m starting to realize why she makes huge cartoon money.

Sorry, but her hype and real body parts do nothing for me.


EXCLUSIVE: Porn Star Jenna Jameson – Settles Years Long Battle with Baby Daddy Tito Ortiz over O.C. Mansion

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Jenna Jameson and ex Tito Ortiz have settled their year long legal battle over the O.C. mansion they shared while together … with the ex-porn star dropping her suit against the former UFC fighter this week.

Jenna sued Tito in Orange County Court back in 2015. She claimed she was owed half interest in their Huntington Beach home they lived in while together … despite Tito being the sole name on the deed. She said back in 2008 when they purchased the pad she paid the majority of the down payment and her baby daddy said he would be on the deed but they would both own half the rights.

The former porn star said during their 5 years together … she did everything from housekeeping, acted as Tito’s “intimate companion”, cared for their kids and contributed to the financial and emotional well-being for the family. She sued demanding a court order stating she’s a joint owner of the Orange County mansion.

Tito fired back at Jenna saying she wasn’t owed a dime from the sale of their mansion, demanding it be thrown out. He pointed out there was no written contract to back up her claims and said the complaint was full of lies and nonsense.

Then on February 22nd, Jenna filed docs in the case explaining she has finally reached a settlement with Tito and per the deal she will dismiss the entire case without the option to refile at a later date. The dismissal comes weeks after the former couple were ordered to attend a mandatory settlement conference to attempt to work out their issues prior to a court trial … which appears to have worked with Jenna throwing out her case this week.


Cody Simpson – TAO Hollywood Almost Ready For Business

I gotta talk to Jason and Noah. Having my guys sit across the street isn’t helping anyone.

Cody Simpson needs the coverage and you can’t even see him. Maybe that’s the play. TAO Hollywood wants the elite celebs to feel welcomed (unlike Catch).

I’m excited for TAO to officially open. Finally, a place in Los Angeles I can call home … so sick of going Warwick my whole life.


EXCLUSIVE: A Former State Legislative Assistant Threatened and Bullied Witnesses While Justin Moed Was Present

EXCLUSIVE: A Former State Legislative Assistant Threatened and Bullied Witnesses While Justin Moed Was Present

Recently, The Dirty has been exclusively covering a story involving Indiana House of Representatives member Justin Moed trying to get Jeff Moe’s Gentlemen’s Club named Lenny’s shut down.

Now, Moe has reveled more exclusive information to us, specifically detailing how a former state legislative assistant threatened and bullied his witnesses while Moed was present.

Moe explained that, “On October 22nd, 2015, a hearing was held by the Indiana liquor board. Before, during, and after the hearing, Judith Essex, a former state legislative assistant now head of old Southside neighborhood association, threatened and bullied two of my witnesses. One was Scott Morrison who owns five acres across from Lenny’s.”

“Also, during the course of the hearing,” Moe continued, “she criminally acted as an attorney, making opening and closing statements, and making objections. She committed three felonies during the hearing. This was done in front of Justin Moed and city county counselor Jeff Miller.”

Moe also provided us with lawsuit paperwork, detailing that, “The lawsuit paper work you have is the final appeal court case. The felonies all occurred in the initial state liquor board hearing.”

The information surrounding this keeps getting crazier and crazier, and Moe promises that more will be forthcoming.


Anne Hathaway – My Animal Has Rights

This is a genius move by Anne Hathaway.

If you want to avoid signing autographs and taking fan selfies, just travel with your dog in a Whole Foods shopping bag. Anne does the hand over the canine eye trick to make her look like an amazing mother.

This might be a con-artist move to some, but to me and PETA … we are proud.

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