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Rachele Royale Is A Singer, Not An Adult Actress

Singer Rachele Royale recently appeared at the launch of Cinematic Pictures Publishing’s Men of Science Fiction. Royale took the unstated memo of “sex sells” way too serious … showing off her REFUND Gap and calligraphy tattoo.

To say she needs to sue her plastic surgeon and get LaserAway is an understatement. Royale if you want to be among music’s elite, please stop making civilian moves.


Zac Efron Able To Make A Tee Shirt Work On The Red Carpet

Zac Efron appeared at The Baywatch SloMo Marathon and appeared on the red carpet. While most would rock a suit or a tux on the red carpet, Efron chose to go very casual, showing off a tee-shirt, hat, and capri-like pants.

The thing is, we so badly want to criticize it for being “too casual” or “not proper” for a red carpet, but it works… simply because Efron- who’s been a star for a while now- is just that cool.

When they asked Zac to removed the shades, the answer is NO.

We’re usually not one for being on the “cool kids” bandwagon but… we’ve gotta give it up. Zac, casual or not, is standing the test of time and still a star.


Ben Affleck Supports People With Autism

Ben Affleck recently appeared at the 1st Annual AutFest International Film Festival, where he was an award recipient.

He talked about his award, as well as a role he had in The Accountant, where he played someone with autism.

On the award, Affleck shared that, “It’s very special. It’s exciting. It’s the first such honor, so in that capacity, I can never be outvoted again. I will always be the very first winner of this award, which I take some comfort in.”

Then, he shared that, In all honesty, as I got ready to do the movie and all the research I did I came in contact with a lot of folks on the autism spectrum- very wildly different lives, different stories, and tried from the truth that they were willing to share with me to cull enough material to make the character believable, in particularly in the eyes of people who have this disorder.”

“I tried my best and I really felt a strong sense of obligation and responsibility to get it right,” he continued. “On one level, the movie’s kind of fun… but it’s also an autistic superhero at the core of it. And I thought that’s really neat.”Continue Reading


Alexandra Daddario’s Outfit A Mixed Bag

Alexandra Daddario, who is starring in the upcoming film version of Baywatch, was recently seen at The Baywatch SloMo Marathon.

There’s no denying she has an adorable smile, epic eyes and an amazing personality. She’s everything you want in a natural woman, but her outfit at this event is suspect.

The bottom half nicely shows moments of Inner Thigh Gap (ITG), but then the top half is just kinda weird and saggy.

Alexandra, we’ve loved you ever since True Detective. Just don’t wear that top again.


Vanessa Paradis – Come Back To Planet Earth

Vanessa Paradis was caught at Los Angeles International Airport. When the paparazzi try to call her name, she completely ignores them. It’s as if she’s not sure she’s Vanessa.

Then, as they continue to try to interact with her, she puts her hand in front of her face. #RUDE

Vanessa, here’s our free advice: You haven’t been married to Johnny Depp since 2012 and, frankly, you’re not particularly relevant here in America.

We’ve previously questioned if your daughter might be an alien, but you definitely need to come back to planet Earth and realize that you’re famous for sleeping with a Pirate, so there’s no reason to put on such a terrible front.

Be one with the people, stop hiding.


UPDATE: Amber Portwood Discusses Pregnancy Rumors

UPDATE: Amber Portwood Discusses Pregnancy Rumors

Over the weekend, rumors started floating about regarding Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and rumors that she was pregnant.

In an exclusive conversation with us, she detailed that she was not pregnant, claiming that if she was, “My fans would be the first to know from me.”

Fans had initially thought she was pregnant due to a photoshopped picture of her with a pregnancy test in front of her. This was similar to what happened when rumors were surrounding Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry before she had announced her pregnancy.

Since we shared the initial story, Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier, shared the story on his social media.

Portwood is definitely not pregnant, and, like we said Saturday, we appreciate her setting the rumors straight with us.