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Carla Gonzalez – Attends The 3rd Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards

My buddy Lonnie Moore (star of Millionaire Matchmaker) says The Dirty still needs to showcase +2’s and terrible extensions.

He exclusively told us, “This website is all I got going for me right now. Without +2’s and nappy horse hair on women … how am I going to live?”

Don’t worry Lonnie – Let me introduce you to Carla Gonzalez.

According to her website: “Carla’s previous titles include: Ms. Oklahoma Globe 2008, Ms. Oklahoma United States 2010, Ms. United States of America 2011, Ms. America International 2012 and Ms. United Nations International 2013/2014. Carla has had the privilege of emceeing fashion shows and other events and has the experience judging many pageants. She has won and acquired many awards. The Power of One award was given to her by the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault for her efforts to prevent Teen Dating Violence in the schools across Oklahoma.”

She sounds perfect for you. Please type her name in the Seeking Arrangement search bar. Thank you.


NeNe Leakes Doesn’t Believe RHOA Women Are Plotting Against Her

NeNe Leakes Doesn’t Believe RHOA Women Are Plotting Against Her
Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos

Recently, reports surfaced that former Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak would be returning to the show. Shortly after, rumors began spreading like wildfire that the other women on the show were plotting against them in an effort to get them not to return.

Leakes, who is guest hosting The Talk this week, spoke out about the rumors today on the show.

Stating that she believes the rumors sprouted up from “gossip,” she detailed that,I do not believe that that the girls that I’ve worked with on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ would be anywhere grouping up together trying to figure out for me or Kim not to come back.”

“I don’t,” she continued. “I don’t believe that. You know, I know people watch the show and they really want to see conflict and they want to make things up but I do not believe that these girls would get on the phone and try to figure out a way for me not to come back.”

Whether it’s true or not, one thing is for certain- if Leakes returns to the show, it will certainly make her very rich, b***h, as the payday will likely be huge.


EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson – Amare Cover Event At Envy Lounge Features Old OC Housewives

EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson – Amare Cover Event At Envy Lounge Features Old OC Housewives

We’ve been covering the Real Housewives of Orange County pretty aggressively. The Dirty broke these stories FIRST:

Obviously we’ve reported other exclusives regarding RHOC and now we have another one for you.

Today Jeana Keough posted this image above on her Facebook page. The picture is from Vicki Gunvalson’s Amare magazine cover celebration at Envy Lounge. Immediately fans of the show were going nuts thinking both Gretchen Rossi and Jeana Keough were back on the show.

Sorry to be a party pooper, but we confirmed the event was not being filmed for the show. The Gretchen Rossi desperation train continues… Regardless Vicki Gunvalson did confirm exclusively with The Dirty that both Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador were NOT invited.

When we asked where Tamra and Shannon were, Gunvalson stated, “Tamra and Shannon were not invited. This event was to honor my cover story in Amare magazine about empowering women. The women that were there last night love and respect me and want success for me and other women.”

Sounds like this season is going to be an adventure … Stay tuned to The Dirty for all the REAL exclusive drama.


Cameron Dallas – Is Not Dating Rihanna, Yet

Cameron Dallas confirms he met with Rihanna’s publicist named Amanda. So now everyone thinks Cameron is making love to Rihanna. Sorry folks that’s not how it works … publicists in Hollywood need to pre-approve romances. Amanda hasn’t given the go-ahead for set up date shots. She’s still evaluating Cameron’s social media conversion rate.

Also, I can’t tell if the guy asking for Cameron’s autograph is homeless, but I can tell he thinks he’s meeting Justin Bieber. And this ‘big announcement’ was for a X Out campaign. Why do they always hire kids who don’t have acne? #FullSam


EXCLUSIVE: Singer JoJo – 2004 Platinum Record for Sale at New Jersey Flea Market

Singer JoJo might want to take a trip to a New Jersey flea market … to buy back a platinum record given for 1 million records sold was being hawked for only a couple hundred bucks.

The platinum plaque was given by Universal Music to David Nathan – an exec at the label – for JoJo’s 2004 self-titled debut album selling over 1 million copies, which he worked closely on with the singer.

The record was spotted at the Collingwood Flea Market in New Jersey last week. The couple selling the plaque claimed to have obtained it from a foreclosed home.

The sellers didn’t set a price but were open to offers of a couple hundred dollars. It’s unclear if they found a buyer. If not we know Nik Richie will purchase and hang in his office. Please reach out to us.


LFW: Sofia Richie – The Realist Richie Of The Richie’s

So proud of my sister Sofia Richie.

It’s true that all dreams come true if you kiss Justin Bieber on the lips. Sophia has proved this theory as #fact. So I recommend everyone -at least- kiss Justin Bieber’s hand to clear all your sins. JB is the Young Pope. I decided.

Here’s Sofia Richie arriving at London Fashion Week for the Topshop Unique AW17. You go girl!

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