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Hasan Suliman (FACET STUDIO) Is A Dangerous Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am writing this to you as a matter last result and at an attempt for you to help get justice from this manipulating, predator con artist photographer who should be placed in jail. Hasan Suliman who goes by (FACET STUDIOS) sometimes Facet Studio is a predator photographer who preys on vulnerable women promising them a modeling career and “celebrity career” in exchange for sexual favors and money.

Facet Studio/Hasan Suliman conned me out of $900 personally after I shot with him in Los Angeles and he never sent the photos and completely stopped answering my calls and text. After seeing one of his pictures reposted on instagram. I thought I would give him a chance and attempt to schedule a shoot. He told me it would cost $900 and reluctantly I agreed, believing his promise that he would help me in the industry.

During the shoot and prior he made numerous “sexual advances” in which I politely declined. He then told me the way I could get ahead is by doing what I needed to do to get ahead. Suliman Facet Hasan is a complete pig. After the shoot, I never received the photos. When I would text him and ask him about the update with my pictures he simply would come up with an excuse until he eventually just stopped answering my text messages altogether. He is known for throwing lingerie parties in which he tries to pimp out some of his models to C-List Celebrities for a “shout out”.

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Hollywood Movie Composer Brian Tyler Caught In VIP Sex Nightclub

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, interesting story… handsome Hollywood movie composer BRIAN TYLER was seen at SNCTM (a VIP sex nightclub) at the Millenium Biltmore hotel over the weekend. Relevant link: Kat Walsh, VP of Entertainment at Influential – who accompanied him for threesomes.

This guy is a nobody (108 followers), let him self post all day… nobody cares who he penetrates.- nik


Nik, Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, pretty sure Kacie McDonnell has been submitted in the past but I’m too lazy to look. I know you talk about armpits and how you can tell if a girl is fat by them. So when I saw this picture of Kacie I was almost in awe at how skinny and nice they are. No shade here girl… so Nik, would you? P.S. why aren’t you attaching the city to the posts anymore? I liked when I could search by my city specifically by clicking on the box.

Answer: No, anyone who gets over 500 likes on a picture is lame in bed. They lay there thinking they are owed something for the Greg inside of them. Plus, the underarm blubber is concerning. You want real sex… find a woman who doesn’t care about social media. The ones who want to feel life instead of fake it.

**The cities will be back by July 1. Currently there are two websites because we suck. Gossip.TheDirty.com — working on firing everyone and starting over in Scottsdale, AZ.- nik


The Holy Nightmare Chantelle Alezrandia Miller

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this woman will not let you go! Don’t cross her, Chantelle Alezrandia Miller is nasty – prostitutes – meets men all over the internet. Found one idiot to have a son with… this woman will screw you at every corner and if you cross her, look out … TRUST ME STAY AWAY – she is the most vindictive person you will ever meet!!!

They both look like 50 year-old pornstars — which muppet are we talking about?- nik


Mitchie Ortiz Is Open For Business

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my only excuse for sleeping with Mitchie Ortiz is that it was dark and I couldn’t see. She’s 37 years old, and thinks she’s a porn star. While I was screwing her, she kept whining that her boyfriend was a lowly house painter and didn’t have enough money to provide her with the things she deserved. She works as a secretery at Ross & Anglin and kept telling me about all of the married men she’s been with. She’s proud of her dirty ways!

Ok well let’s make her immortal today. Mitchie- congrats, you’re on TheDirty.- nik


Beware of Nicolo Knows From Miami

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to raise awareness about this scumbag before more girls fall prey to his selfishness and unending lust. Nicolo Knows is a resident of Downtown Miami, and found frequenting all the usual social hotspots at E11EVEN, Story, LIV etc.. He pretends to be a wealthy entrepreneur from selling his art (which looks terrible), and wine distribution.

It’s all a front, and he’s really just a narcissist F-boy spending his daddy’s money on VIP tables, boats, private jet trips, and escorts. The worst part is he picked up some diseases, probably from one of his daily P4P, and is starting to spread it around to all of the lovely ladies gullible enough to fall for his egotistic charms. Beware of Nicolo, and don’t get fooled into joining him on his boat, or tables, or you may get burned!! He may be one of the worst personalities in the Miami party scene.

If anyone in Miami texts me to help this loser I will post your ASS, that’s a promise! I don’t care who you are. I’m back and I’m back for blood.- nik