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Kate Upton Heavily Stuns At amFAR

Kate Upton, we’ve previously called you the most beautiful heavy American on the planet, and your appearance on the red carpet at the amFAR gala did not let us down.

You absolutely looked stunning in the outfit you wore, and your makeup and hair were on point.

You’re still our favorite, Kate. Nice work.


Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Wear Rompers

NBA star Russell Westbrook was spotted out and about when he was asked by the paparazzi for any style tips he may have.

“Be yourself,” Westbrook advised.

When the RompHim that has everyone talking was brought up, Westbrook shared, “I don’t wear rompers.”

We concur, Russell. We’re not fans of those either.


Ken Todd Misses An Opportunity

Recently, Ken Todd, husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump was spotted out and about when he was asked what his favorite type of wine was on National Wine Day.

Todd responded that he doesn’t really drink wine… which is odd, as his wife owns LVP Sangria.

Ken, this is a case where you could’ve had an easy- and free- product endorsement for your wife’s brand. You should have taken advantage of it and told a tiny fib. No one would have been the wiser. This is definitely a missed opportunity.


Colin Farrell Claims Americans Lack Education

The paparazzi spotted Colin Farrell at LAX recently and they asked him if the Irish were treating Conor McGregor‘s baby like the messiah.

He responds that, “I don’t know… I haven’t checked in.”

Then, when he’s asked about a Prime Minister of Ireland, he claims they don’t have one and says, “You Americans and your lack of education.”

Careful, Colin. Lots of Americans are your fans. You may have just alienated some. We suggest you tweet an apology and, if it’s heartfelt, they’ll surely forgive you.


Phoebe Price- Donald Trump Tried To Play With My Puppies But I Wouldn’t Let Him

Phoebe Price was spotted out by the paparazzi and, when they approached her, she began talking about President Donald Trump.

“He’s definitely going to get impeached,” Price shared, “because this is what happened years ago to the President and he actually fired the FBI Director. This is all going back and…”

Then, when the reporter admitted he wasn’t completely sure what she was talking about because he couldn’t stop staring at her boobs- which she referred to as her puppies- she made a shocking reveal:

“He (Trump) tried to play with my puppies but I wouldn’t let him.” 

Something tell us Trump will be tweeting about Price very soon.


Roxy Sowlaty Proves The Rich Kids Are Growing Up

Roxy Sowlaty from The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was spotted out on her 29th birthday… yes, 29. It seems the Rich Kids are growing up and becoming adults.

When Roxy was asked if she was going to be doing anything else for her birthday she said she thinks she’s had “enough partying.”

Everybody has to grow up sometime… It seems the Rich Kids have reached their moment… Some of them, at least.