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EXCLUSIVE: Javi Marroquin – If I Wanted To Leak The Pregnancy News, I Would Have

EXCLUSIVE: Javi Marroquin – If I Wanted To Leak The Pregnancy News, I Would Have
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As The Dirty reported tonight, Jenelle Evans decided to not show up to the Teen Mom 2 After Show after claiming MTV was insisting she had to. Evans also claimed that she wasn’t responsible for outing co-star Kailyn Lowry‘s pregnancy, tweeting (in a now deleted tweet) that Lowry’s ex Javi Marroquin had announced it.

We spoke to Marroquin exclusively tonight and he told us that, “If I wanted to leak I would’ve done it months ago when Kail’s friends told me.”

He also said that Evans’s word “isn’t credible so she can say what she wants.”

“I’ve had multiple people (try and) get a quote from me about her pregnancy,” he wrapped with telling us, “and I haven’t said anything. I will tell you it was one of her friends that sold her out before Jenelle even tweeted it. So she should check her circle.”

Stay tuned to The Dirty as the drama regarding this situation is continuing to unfold.


EXCLUSIVE: Run-DMC – Drops $50 Million Lawsuit against Wal-Mart And Amazon over Unauthorized Merch

EXCLUSIVE: Run-DMC – Drops $50 Million Lawsuit against Wal-Mart And Amazon over Unauthorized Merch
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The Dirty can exclusively reveal Run-DMC has headed to court to drop their $50 million dollar lawsuit against Wal-Mart and Amazon – over unauthorized merchandise – with the band filing docs to dismiss the entire case earlier today.

Back in December, the Run-DMC brand slapped Wal-Mart and Amazon with a $50 million dollar lawsuit.

The legendary hip-hop group claimed the retail giants have been hawking products with their logo … everything from t-shirts, glasses, wallets, hats etc. They said the companies never obtained permission to use their logo. Run-DMC said their logo is extremely valuable and even pulled in $1.6 million from an Adidas deal. They filed suit for $50 million dollars in damages.

Then on February 24th, the band headed to court and filed docs to voluntarily dismiss the entire lawsuit against Wal-Mart and Amazon. Neither company had responded to the allegations in the massive lawsuit prior to the dismissal.


EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Ditches Teen Mom 2 After Show After Insisting MTV Was Forcing Her To Show

Earlier today, The Dirty reported that Jenelle Evans was defending her decision to travel to Los Angeles without her newborn daughter, Ensley, due to MTV insisting she show up. However, as fans who are watching the live Teen Mom 2 After Show know, Jenelle did not show.

While her mother, Barbara, is present, when asked about Jenelle, she claimed Jenelle was “upset that I was coming” and “doesn’t want much to do with me” as reasons she may not have come.

Meanwhile, while Jenelle is hanging in Los Angeles, she’s spending her time on Twitter busting on her co-star Kailyn Lowrywho appeared on the After Show via Skype. When Lowry appeared, the topic of Evans announcing Lowry’s pregnancy on Twitter before she got to came up.

Jenelle took to Twitter to defend herself in tweets she has since deleted, claiming that, “Actually Javi announced it.”

Jenelle also posted a screenshot of a text conversation  (which she has also since deleted) where we’re assuming (based on what we saw) Evans said “IDK how anyone can confirm it without her.”

Meanwhile, Javi responded on Twitter that, “She said she announced her pregnancy. Don’t bring me into this. Own up.”

Stay tuned, as this story is developing.


Courtney Stodden – Needs To Get Out Of This Deep Depression

I’m worried about Courtney Stodden. You can see the depression in her glossy eyes. I really hope she has the right people around her … I don’t want her story to end like Anna Nicole Smith’s did.

Here she is at the at the 27th Annual Night of 100 Stars. As you can see Stodden seems out of it. Like she’s on something to numb herself from love pains.


Justin Bieber – Screw The OSCARS Or The Parties

Everyone please leave Justin Bieber alone.

Last night he didn’t want to attend any OSCAR party … he just wanted to take a walk with his boy and talk about life. Why can’t you people understand this … JB is a human being. He’s not your pet animal.

Let my boy breathe for a second. He’s currently going through some tough times in his private life.

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