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Lori Loughlin And Aunt Becky Are One In The Same

Lori Loughlin has played a bunch of roles outside of Full House‘s famous Aunt Becky, but it’s clear that her Full House character and her are one in the same.

When Loughlin was spotted by the paparazzi outside of Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, and she stopped to take selfies with two young girls.

She also talked to them and seemed extremely pleasant. Honestly, it reminded us of Aunt Becky. We think they’re one in the same… and we’re off to start singing “Everywhere you look.” 


Ashley Graham Makes Heavy Influential

Don’t adjust your volume, we had a technical error while recording Ashley Graham at 2017 Time 100 Gala.

In our new movement to see the light … we (I want to throw up) would like to say congratulations to Graham for making fat people socially acceptable. Graham is influential because she’s a heavy supermodel with ‘curves’.

And you wonder why kids still live in their parents basements until the age of 27.


Erik Estrada Gives Us The Creeps

Actor Erik Estrada was caught greeting fans while departing for a flight at LAX Airport… and, after watching the above clip, he’s giving us the creeps.

At first he comes off as rude when signing autographs, but then, when two female fans want a photo with him, he gets weird.

He puts his arm around both of them, stares down at both of them, and then proceeds to kiss them both on the cheek. After that, he starts singing, “dos mujeres,” which means two women in English. While the women seem to be enjoying him, it’s quite bizarre and uncomfortable to watch.

The ick factor is so real here it’s off the charts. Ladies, a word of warning: if you run into Erik at the airport, proceed with caution.


Rob Lowe Is Defying The Aging Process

While Rob Lowe just turned 53 years old this year, the actor, who appeared at the premiere of How To Be A Latin Lover -in which he stars- is defying the aging process.

While we’re sure the Hollywood money doesn’t hurt in terms of having the funds to purchase products that help you stay young, Lowe truly is mastering the art of continuing to look young.

Rob, teach me your ways. I’m about to turn 30 and I need your tips and tricks.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Lame

Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted by the paparazzi departing for a flight at LAX Airport… and he’s super lame.

The thing is, we know he has strong feelings about President Donald Trump, and we would have been interested to hear what he had to say when the paparazzi asked him how he would rate Trump’s first 100 days. Instead of answering them, he completely ignored the question.

He was so keen on avoiding the paparazzi he wouldn’t even give them a thumbs up or thumbs down for how he thinks Trump is doing.

Sorry, Arnold, but this is just lame. You greatly disappointed us here.


Emma Watson Loves and Hates Social Media

Emma Watson at The World Premiere of The Circle at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. While she interestingly lamented about why she wanted to take part in the movie- claiming it was “something I needed to do”– she had some very interesting things to share regarding social media.

“I see social media as kind of like a superpower,” Watson shared. “It has great power, but with that comes great responsibility. That’s kind of how I see it. It can do great good and it can do great evil.”

We’ve seen both sides of social media, and she has quite a valid point. It’s truly the best modern-day example of a love-hate relationship.

While most celebrities love social media for the way they’re able to use it, it’s interesting to hear a celeb talking about the negative things that can come from it.