What a fun day… So Vanessa Minnillo was out here with Nick Lachey on friday. The couple was spotted having dinner with Matt Leinart at Saporro in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

We know that she was not around Saturday night where the boys decided to be boys. They had a table at Dirty Pretty Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona where they were trying to pull tail. Nick had security, as several witness claimed Nick Lachey went into the women’s restroom with some blonde who resembled Jessica Simpson. The security cleared out the entire restroom for them. Very Nice!

Nick you can do way better than Vanessa Minnillo anyway. She smells like Noodles.

Well after the nightclub, the geniuses decided to invite the underage girls back to Matt Leinart’s house for a little slumber party/hot tub action with all the coors light Matt Leinart can stuff down your throat.

Hopefully I didn’t ruin this “Bromance” because an inside source has told me Nick Lachey is extremely upset with Matt Leinart. He keeps putting Matty to voicemail and will not answer his texts. I love you Bro!- nik

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