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EMAIL: Nik,  please blast these dbags-  they run what they would like to call a “celebrity booking agency” and book z-listers like jesse metcalfe and tara reid for sh*tty promotional events and snoozfest parties……they think they are the sh*t and the whole group basically flocked to hollywood several years back from ohio state, all hailing from backgrounds in either drug dealing or club promoting- what a shocker. the balding one in the photos is a cocky douche name greg laplante, and the other blond douche (with the black hat in last photo) is one of their “agents” who is a pockmarked face brad pitt-wannabe failed model….. a bunch of $30k millis to the max….

I highly doubt 30Ks more like 20Ks.  I have never seen a fivehead that is half of a persons face.- nik