So I’m watching the “Colbert Report” and they start talking about a little website called Needless to say it sparked my interest. As, I am browsing the website, who do I see down in the hall of fame? None other than the one and only “Brock’s chick” aka “I want DD’s”. I always wondered how she paid for all that work. To see for yourself go to the website, scroll down and you will see an area that says browse hall of fame. Click on the arrow a couple times and her pic will pop up.

Well I am sorry to say emailer that Brock’s Chick has never used this company and has never heard of them. They use hot pictures of girls on the internet to steal guy’s money. This is so sad. So a warning to all the guys out there… just find a girl at the club and pay for the whole thing. Maybe work out a deal where you can come over and touch them once a week so it is actually worth it.- nik


Notice it is two different chicks when you actually go to the link. Also, she already has DD’s?