THE DIRTY ARMY: I personally like the TROLL!!! She is dirty black girl that has no black girlfriends because she cant hang with them! she just happened to snap a pic with Dez before Dez realized THAT IT WAS MIRANDA (her wanna be look alike)! Dez is much hotter but Miranda is always running her mouth about how she is the hottest black chick in Dallas and how all the white guys wanna hit it! Miranda and Katie!! Whata’ Pair of HOOTERS HOOKERS!

I wonder what Crow thinks about that?  Those are fighting words. What if we call her Black Mushroom?  I think it has a nice ring to it?  Thoughts?- nik

**How about Half Squat?

8 Belles if you read this please email me about an event we are doing in Vegas for Labor Day weekend… Yes, you can bring Half Squat.