THE DIRTY ARMY at TMZ: Reggie Bush better have a great season, or New Orleans Saints fans may start treating Kim Kardashian like Cowboys’ fans treat Jessica Simpson.

We have a source on the inside that is telling us Kim K and Reggie are on the rocks. Maybe it is because she looks huge in that Full Body Sarong? Or, what our sources let us to believe: The Shanna vs Kim fight over Travis! Kim flew out to try and patch things up while he is at camp. Reggie was having none of it and ignored the large ass ones attempts. Of course Kim did what she only knows how, beg for attention anyway she can and used his camp as a fan op! Reggie just wants to focus on football since he has been a bust like his buddy Leinart ever since he was drafted. Kim stop sucking up to Reggie… you are more of an attention wh*re than Brett Farve.- nik

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