THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please say it isn’t so. I was at 6 last night and ran into Mikey he had a table and it was stocked with bottles. I walked up to Mikey and started to talk to him and asked how he had bought all these bottles considering he lives with one of my friends and I happen to know that he owes him rent. Mikey then informed me that he had just recently purchased THE DIRTY and because of that “I don’t pay for shit in this town”. Like any good 30k Milli would do I decided to post up at his table for free drinks. Through out the night he kept hitting on girls and everytime one ignored him or declined his offer for drinks he would say “Well its not my fault if you end up on The Dirty, Im so glad I bought that site”. End of the night came and he had no tab with the waitress and she said “Randy said that The Dirty’s money is no good here” and then thanked him for coming in. Please tell me you do not work for this ass clown!! If you don’t, put him on the site and make sure all bars and Scottsdale know so he stops getting free sh*t.

Him and Tommy Roberts must be lovers.  Donkey Kong is such a loser, that is why he got ran out of Chicago (RAT).  The guy is a patho liar, he can’t even afford toilet paper for the diarrhea coming out of his mouth.  He doesn’t even own his dentures.  DONKEY KONG DOES NOT OWN THE DIRTY.  He is just trying to Scam all the clubs in-town.  Six lounge is seriously retarded because they did fall for it, but who could put it past them… they did hire Durkee and Gluck to be club promoters.- nik