Melissa Midwest – Well I figured it had been awhile since I walked the fine line so here you go lol! I decided to borrow a sherriff car and take it out for a little joy ride. I know I know what was I thinking but you know me I like to hang out on the wild side. See there are the goody goody people 99% of the world and then there is me haha. Well anyways I will let the video do the talking I put the entire thing on You Tube so click the link and enjoy watching me do all kinds of damage in this car I am sure you will love it.

I think this cop will be fired once media in his town sees this.  CAR #54.  I watched the YouTube video and it looks pretty legit.  The cop lets her borrow the police vehicle and drive it around.  Anybody know what city this is in the Midwest?- nik