Hoes Gone Wild

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ol nasty ‘across the river bend’ looking b*tch Spencer is one of the biggest hoes i’ve had the unplessantry of meeting in my entire life. This b*tch thinks that he’s the hottest thing on the face of the planet because he drives a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipes Spyder (which he uses social security checks to pay for). This b*tch weighs 190 pounds and has the nerve to wear size 3 girl pants from hollister that he has to jump out of a window to get into and then complains that he can’t walk or run in them. This b*tch is also one of the biggest hoes in the city of houston. This pocahontis looking *itch will sit online for hours until he finds someone desperate enough to f*ck him, and loves dating guys so that he can use his social security money and his car to keep them around. This b*tch will drive from Katy all the way to the woodlands to catch some d*ck and that’s a f*cking shame. He also sleeps with people he know’s is HIV positive and then brags about it afterwards. Did if forget to mention that he’s deaf?

Sounds to me like someone got cheated on. (in the butt).- nik