Daddy's Lil Whore Meghan M*nness*s

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl here is Meghan M*nness*s. What can I say about Megz? Who doesn’t have a story about this b*tch! She is the most deceitful person I have ever met. She will do anything for dr*gs. She just lies there and lets you f*ck her. Hold on to your boyfriends. She is bad friend and a coward. She lies to get what she wants. She uses everyone she claims to care about. She never has owned up to anything she has done. Instead of facing her problems she puts her head in the sand. I feel sorry for Kerry even though he is playing the sh*t out of her.

If they didn’t have on different outfits on i would say that’s one beat looking chick standing in the mirror.- nik