THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so you posted the pic of Amy the supposed Skeeze on the left in Atlanta. She’s not but here are two pics of her and the supposed girl who actually sent the original photos to you blasted drunk with CNN Weather man Rob Marciano wasted and yes he has a huge Asian girl fetish. PR won’t be proud.

Rob take a shower in Vinegar… it will neutralize the smell.- nik

**Update**  EMAIL:  Nik, I understand the humor in your site, but these images were not intended for public view. I am the guy in red and Rob is a good friend of mine. I do not want him to lose his job or lose our friendship over a drunk night. If anything this is my fault for trying to get him some action. Please remove “CNN Weather Anchor Rob Marciano Trashed” asap.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Dude, this is Rob’s fault for having a friend like you who would try to set him up like this in Chinatown.  Rob’s one night stand sure does look like DIRTY CELEB Chernobyl (Die Hard DA will know who I am talking about).- nik