Baby Mama Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Monica Kim**ll or “Moni Doll” as she likes to be called (Ha what a f*ckin stupid nick name to give yourself), is an absolute train wreck. She is a 20 yr old drug addicted Go Go dancer in Grand Rapids Michigan and needs to be put on blast. She has been in and F*CKED every guy in the bar scene since she has been in GR. And she is PROUD of it. She is so insecure she must get all her confidence from men. So sad! She likes to f*ck all the DJs and has been known to be infected with Herpes. (She showed us the bottle of medication) SO WATCH OUT! She is also MAD addicted to vicod*n! Now she is pregnant with her “boyfriends” baby but we (all of GR) No that it isn’t his. She thinks she is famous because she puts pictures of herself half naked on her Myspace and takes pictures of herself with a camera (CONCEITED B*TCH). You are not all that.. stop trying SO damn hard! NOBODY LIKES YOU!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL? MOVE SOMEWHERE PLEASE! YOU HAVE NO REAL FRIENDS! NOBODY LIKES YOU AROUND! YOU’RE TRASHY AND A WH*RE! She isnt cute in person and especially without the pound of makeup she puts on. (She thinks shes a model) I feel SO sorry for her baby. If that was my mom I would RUN FAR AWAY. The baby will probably come out addicted to drugs and multiple STDS. And as for her boyfriend Cody well… We all know he cheats on her to. PLEASE ALL GUYS STAY AWAY FROM THIS STD FILLED C*M DUMPSTER! SHE IS DRAMA! Thats all :)

She has fat upper arms, and a c*kehead nose.- nik