Gay Porn Star Juice

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres Joe aka Juice. He used to work at a gay club called Hunters in Elk Grove Village as a stripper but got fired for being a heroin addict because he could not function at work without his stuff and started looking like crap all the time. He has been in gay porn and claims he is only “gay for pay” but its clear he loves the greg juice as seen in his movies. He is going to jail soon because he got set up in a sting for selling ecstasy. So now he follows people on the dirty threatning them for his mess up. His girlfriend Amber cheats on him compulsively and he just takes it. But then again what she doesn’t know is that his day “job” is actually being on his knees for old men with money. Put him on blast Nik.

I’m confused. He worked at a gay club and now he has a girlfriend? Did he just wake up one day and decide to be straight?- nik