THE DIRTY ARMY: All the guys in these pictures have openly admitted to making out with each other and have been best friends for years.They’re all obsessed with each other, steroids, 24hr fitness, and any mirror they happen to walk by. They all wax and pluck their eyebrows on the daily. Oh, and they claim to be the best dancers at all the clubs in OC & each have hundreds of pictures of themselves half naked and posing on their myspaces’. But Manface Michelle (in the last two pics) claims to have converted Anthony (to her right) to being straight, by marrying him & having a child with him that looks NOTHING LIKE HIM, more like his friend Eden (which happens to be in these pictures & she dated Eden right before dating Anthony, they all shared her). Mind You Anthony has a 2 year old son that he doesn’t even acknowledge and NEVER sees but looks exactly like him. Bottom Line all these tools still make-out and do each other in the butt.

What is the study 1 out of 4 men have a sexually transmitted disease?  I think we could bat a 1000 here.- nik