WSUs biggest SLUT

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, skank alert…this is Rachel, Sophomore DG who is disgusting. She is SO cheap and fake. Everyone talks sh*t about her- even girls in her sorority! Patrols the frats at night and will hit on anything that walks. She will do anything for attention, even if that means being a pathetic whore. If you ever need to find her…all you have to do is check the porches of Atos, Pikes or Dchis. (Often times all three) Total date dash whore…pretty much begs guys to take her and the only reason why they do is because she puts out. Basically, she will fck you for a free tshirt. Always is trying to get other people to pay for her. She pretty much dyes her hair every other week and had the most hideous bangs for awhile…guys at ATOs refer to her as “the sl*tty bangs girl”. Before juicy campus got shut down this girl was a regular on it…you think she would take the hint by now? Oh and now that the freshman 15 (or in her case, 30) has caught up with her…she looks like miss piggy.

That guy has a Master Greg. No doubt about it.- nik