THE DIRTY ARMY:  A guy that I knew from high school has this incredibly attractive girlfriend via MySpace and the whole situation was odd but whatever.  Well I was totally shocked today to see the picture of Brock’s Chick giving the middle finger b/c that was her default photo not too long ago and I remember it.  I wonder if he knows about the site? I’m dying b/c he is thinking of relocating from New Jersey to Florida for her but she has a kid???? So weird.  Anyway just thought I’d share a screen shot of the lame ass comments she leaves him.  Please leave my name anonymous! I love your site, keep up the humor!

Dude, hate to break it to your boy, but that is a fake.  If he hasn’t noticed already by his depleted bank account.  He is probably a wire transfer expert.- nik

**Troy how long have you been e-dating?  Just curious?