Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford

THE DIRTY ARMY: I love the articles that say Colt told the NFL to wait one more year for him so he could go back to Texas and try to win a BCS Title.  That’s funny he hasn’t even won a Big 12 Title yes. And he’ll never be a starting NFL QB. Make the NFL wait? he’d be lucky to go round 3.  He has a weak arm, he can’t make all the throws. He’s too short. College success does not equal NFL success. I’ll bet a year’s income (33K) that Bradford goes ahead of Colt, and Bradford, goes on to start in the NFL and be success. Colt can only hope to hold a clip board.

Colt should have came out this year… all he did was give “flash in the pan” Dirty Sanchez more money by waiting.- nik