**I called my source at ESPN and he told me that Erin Andrews is in severe depression right now.  She has requested indefinite time off from ESPN at the moment until she can gather herself.

I am going to do some more digging today… stay tuned.

I am calling her video out as a FAKE.  The whole thing was setup to help her celebrity.  Congrats Erin, you found your ticket to get on Dancing With The Stars next season.  Her legal hasn’t even tried to reach me to request removal of the video or images which means she want the shameless self promotion.  Erin is now acting stupid?  She doesn’t know which hotels they were and who the person was in her film crew that was rooming next to her?  Give me a break.

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**Update** negotiating on getting the new video where Erin is naked ironing her clothes in a different hotel.  Obviously, this is part of the fake Star Wars series she is trying to bootleg.