THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Joshua Freeman the bucs first round draft pick is gay or into very kinky stuff. I know this for a fact I f*cked him in his ass with a 9 inch strap on. This is not a joke it really happened. He drove me to the store to get it he said he really wanted to do it. At first he said it would be to big but then when we were done he said next time to get a bigger one. It was very weird he ripped it up with his hands afterwards then said if I video taped it to not release it for 15 years cause then he will be retired. He also told me he only has one kidney he said they missed it in his physicals idk about that its just what he said. It was a weird experience and I thought I would share with yall. Its really true Im not playing. I dont understand why he needs to hide being gay is fine. Whatever you like.

I can see it… it is like the two dudes on the outsides mated and pooped out Joshua.- nik