Maxim's Hometown Dumbass

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a young one. She is only 22 but claims she has been bartending for 8 years. You do the math. She is very cute and sweet, but so dumb. She’s applying for Maxim’s Hometown Hottie’s and I happened to run across her submittal video. Not only did she had nothing to say. But she giggled, just kinda’ stood there and said “Ummmmm,” while brushing her hair at least 20 times, then did a little dance talking about the Hottie with a Body. To top it off, I know you’ll love this Nik. She is now ‘in love’ and ‘dating’ your favorite Atlanta bad boy, COCKSTAR! Yes, the skunk haired club promoter. They’re going to go far together.

Some +2’s and some lipo to get rid of the lumps in her armpits and she will be good to go.- nik