Cinny Twist

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is an exclusive invitation to all Friends, Supporters, and Industry Friends. Join us on this special occasion as we celebrate the BIGGEST BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT of the year. Happy Birthday Christian Milano, one of Houston’s top mainstream promoters. Christian has provided our nightlife scene with some of the hottest club promotions, theme parties and special events in our city. So join us as we take this Birthday Extravaganza to the next level! All special invited guests will receive complimentary drinks, sushi appetizers (served on nude sushi models) and escorted by stretch limo to Christian’s B-day affair. CELEBRITY INVITED GUESTS, NUDE SUSHI MODELS, ICE SCULPTURES, BODY ART & MUCH MORE. This is an extravagant affair, all personally invited guests MUST BE LISTED ON THE BLUE LIST in order to receive NO LINE-NO WAIT including Complimentary Drinks & Sushi from Christian’s VIP area. Dress code is fully enforced. Groups of fellas MUST be escorted by ladies to attend.

This has to be the biggest joke ever… haha.  Only Houston losers are going to go to Cinnamon Twists birthday party.- nik

**The best part is that he wrote this for himself. So JV.