EMAIL From The Predator:  Nik, this is really getting out of hand and I was wondering if you can step in and help me.  Katie has been getting in my face and getting all mad at me because of her so called boyfriend and whatever and I am sick of it.  We only hooked up 1 time and it was when they were on a break and now he won’t stop blowing up my phone.  He texts me no less than 10 times a day.  He always wants to know where I am at and if I can sneak away and meet him in his car to hook up.  He even texts me and says he is laying next to Katie in bed but he is thinking of me.  I am sick of it and over him and he won’t leave me alone.  Can you write Katie and tell her to keep her man in check and to tell him to stop texting me?  Thanks Nik, you’re the best.- Ali

8 Belles I am just relaying the message… Crow get in the game!- nik