THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Johnny and his car.  He makes sure he gets to the clubs early every night so he can park his car in front of wherever he is at, oh and did I mention he was a promoter.  I heard he co-owns that car with one of his friends, they switch off day and night.  Johnny is the king of deception, he lures little c*ke heads or other fiends back to his apartment…ya nothing new eh, but he doesn’t even have any!! he tricks you just to get you back, you have to stay and drink with him or try and find your own way home.  But he is more then happy to have all of yours if you so happen to have some.  Nik this cheese face needs to be blasted, he claims to be worth millions (which he can’t touch of course) and preys on any new club rat he can find.

Looks like a taxi driver to me.  Who wants to see an 02 Hummer in front of a club.  That car blue books at 19k.- nik